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What Makes AETHEION® Redox Technology The Best Skin Care Science?

AETHEION® refers to a skin care science that provides ions to the microcirculatory environment, creating an optimized balance at the cellular level. AETHEION® cations are positively charged, providing a redox signal of 400 mV that creates a polarity attraction that works as a free radical scavenger to reduce oxidative stress.

Specific components of the science establish balancing of oxidative species (Cationic Hydrogen), nitrogen reactive species (Cationic Amine), and sulfur reactive species (Cationic Sulfur), contributing to the energy required in cellular production. AETHEION® cationic minerals of Zinc and Copper produce superoxide dismutase. AETHEION® cationic Magnesium and its additional micronutrients will help to increase known deficiencies to provide optimum health topically.

Redox Technology

All AETHEION® products contain the proprietary Redox Technology with the capability of simulating an ionic zinc-copper superoxide dismutase effect. Redox Technology is a process of reducing the skin’s oxidation, by transferring electrons from a radical state to a stress-free normal condition. Oxidative stress is a form of cellular aging.

The free radical theory of aging

The free radical theory of aging states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. We can reverse and prevent aging effects with antioxidants, which reduce limit oxidative damage to biological structures.

AETHEION combats oxidative stress and free radicals

Free radical damage is closely associated with oxidative damage. Electrons commonly exist in pairs, and when they fly solo, they are highly unstable or reactive. In this state, we know them as free radicals. Damage occurs when the free radical encounters another molecule and seeks to find another electron to pair with to become more stable. The unpaired electron pulls an electron off a neighboring molecule, causing the affected molecule to behave like a free radical itself —and a chain reaction occurs.

The free radicals create more and more unstable molecules that attack their neighbors in a domino-like effect. The results are unfavorable, and this is what causes aging. We physically notice this in wrinkles, saggy skin, and dark spots on the skin. We have discovered how to manipulate free radicals to reverse the signs of skin damage. Using Redox Technology. Our products renew and regenerate skin cells, by combating oxidative stress at the cellular level. Giving you healthy skin from the inside out. Each AETHEION® formulation represents the strength of our patented science, Redox Technology, and combines high-quality ingredients for specific needs and use. All of which are well-known, proven ingredients from the beginning of time.

AETHEION facts to compare:

  • Hydrogen is the number one antioxidant.
  • AETHEION® has an ORAC value of 1040 mV.
  • Hydrogen bonds with many molecules particularly O2- converting this radical to H2O.
  • AETHEION® contains H+ in a hex-aqua ligand system.
  • Zinc/Copper SOD is the free radical scavenger in human plasma.
  • AETHEION® contains a 5/2 Zn+2 to Cu+2 ratio.
  • Human skin receives the least amount of nutrition and freest radicals.
  • AETHEION® topical administration circumvents gut health and absorbance problems.

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