Skincare for Active Lifestyle

It’s not just about the skin on the outside but also what’s happening inside. For example, when you’re physically active, your body produces sweat and oil to keep you cool and hydrated, plus your body starts to generate free radicals. Unfortunately, these factors can affect your skin health and aspect. 

The following blog category will focus on manageable steps for taking care of your skin after physical activity.

If you’re hitting the gym or just went out for a walk with your family, it’s essential to prep your skin before and after these activities.

You deserve the best care possible regarding your skin’s health and well-being!

ÆTHEION® Soothing Sports Series is the perfect solution for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just someone who likes to stay active, our product can help you recover faster from your workout. In addition, it’s proven to fight free radicals and help reduce inflammation and muscle pain in joints and tendons.

With ÆTHEION®, you’ll be able to get back out there sooner than ever before! Apply the product before you start exercising or intense activity for relief during your workout, then apply it again afterward for even more comfort.  

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