Clinical Trials

Independent and third-party clinical trials have demonstrated the

efficacy of AETHEION® and 2+Topicals skincare.

We Sent Our AETHEION®® ZC30 AntiAging Cream and 2+ Topicals® Nutritional Lotion to clinical trials.
  • Experience the benefits of AETHEION® ZCM30 Anti-Aging Cream and 2+Topicals Nutritional Lotion.
  • Clinical and scientific evidence to back up the results of AETHEION®.
  • Discover the clinical trial results of two of our best-selling products.
  • The benefits our products have on your skin are clinically proven.
A comprehensive clinical study tested two of our ten formulations. Users noticed four beneficial improvements in the skin in just two weeks of using 2+Topicals Nutritional Lotion and AETHEION® ZC30 Anti Aging Cream.

The results are extraordinary!


With both formulations, users report a restored glow to their skin.
Our ZC30 and Nutritional Lotion products prove to tremendously improve your skin in this area, reporting a healthier glow in as little as two weeks. Give your skin a healthy glow and look as radiant as never before.


According to the research, your skin has an improved overall firmness sensation.
After two weeks of usage, the clinical trial concludes there is a significant increase in the firmness of your skin, showing spots reduction, fewer open pores, and overall firmness sensation improvement.


Users noted a more uniform and clearer skin tone, resulting in visibly reduced blemishes.
During the clinical trial, skin tone was an area where our products also succeed and exceed our expectations, reporting high satisfaction levels with our formulations.


These products effectively and deeply hydrate the skin.
Our products prove to nourish your skin, even with just a few days of use. Imagine what it can do in the long term! The key to smooth & radiant skin is here.

This ocurred in two weeks of use!

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