About Us

Our Promise

Our mission with the ÆTHEION® brand of products is to improve people's health through skincare. Therefore, we seek to deliver products with safe, high-quality ingredients that truly benefit and nourish the skin. About Us:
  • Used by Doctors
  • Paraben-Free
  • Free of petroleum oils
  • No added fragrances
  • Not tested on animals
  • Ingredients of natural origin

Our History

ÆTHEION® journey began from the “mud” of an ancient Australian bog. Thanks to the ideals and hard work of many within the ChemCream team, the unique natural science behind the “mud” is a reproducible patent-pending technical process.

ÆTHEION® is a registered mark of the ChemCream family of brands.

With years of experience and strong knowledge of chemistry, biology, and lab testing, ÆTHEION® formulations are made in a GMP environment holding strict quality management systems that provide safe science formulated with exceptional ingredients of supreme characteristics with more than one family of uses.

Our Science

ÆTHEION® is a brand that represents a proprietary technology of formulations using a water ligand system (IBAL) to deliver highly bioavailable cations of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Ammine, Sulfur, and Hydrogen.
Our products contain a proprietary Redox Technology, reducing the skin's oxidation by transferring electrons from a radical state to a stress-free condition.
All components of our formulas are strictly verified by GMP third-party laboratories, which validates their performance and effectiveness.
Two of our flagship products, ÆTHEION® ZC30 Anti-Aging Cream and 2+ Topicals® Nutritional Lotion, were recently clinically tested.
Among the results obtained, four aspects of utmost importance for the skin stand out.

RESULTS: In just two weeks of daily applications, using 50 ml of each product, we found that these two formulas worked impressively on the skin, intensely hydrating it, improving its tone, giving it a healthy glow, and restoring firmness to the skin.
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