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The ÆTHEION® Story

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Advanced Skin Technology

ÆTHEION® is the brand that represents a proprietary technology of formulations using a water ligand system to deliver highly bioavailable cations of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Ammine, Sulfur, and Hydrogen.

Redox is the amount of Oxidation-Reduction Reactions “energy” in the ionized polarity of a substance in solution. ÆTHEION® provides this “Redox Technology” in all of its formulations.
The terms “ZC” or “ZCM” refer to Cationic Zinc, Copper, or Magnesium, the foundation of the proprietary ÆTHEION® Redox Technology.

The higher the numbers “ZC5 to ZCM65” defines the strength of ÆTHEION® Redox Technology in each product, increasing its concentration of Redox potential.

Product Series

We know how hard it is to find the perfect product when so many options are out there.


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