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2 Topicals ® Series

2 Topicals ® promotes nutrition for the skin. Topical supplements feed our skin from the outside with a cationic complex of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Ammonium, Sulfur, and Hydrogen, which penetrates and absorbs deeply into the skin. An effective way to nourish your skin.2 TOPICALS ® NUTRITIONAL LOTIONThis topical supplement combines cations of minerals, synergistic vitamins, plant-based essential oils, antioxidants, deep hydration, and redox technology in an enriched formulation that naturally promotes skincare.2 TOPICALS ® NUTRITIONAL HAND SPRAYNurture your hand’s skin, body, and hair. 2 TOPICALS ® NUTRITIONAL BODY SPRAYA daily body spray containing mineral cations supporting specific functions: copper to promote collagen and elastin formation, magnesium to provide energy to skin cells, and zinc to maintain the overall health of your skin. 2 TOPICALS ® SINUS SPRAYA drug-free rinse for clearing dust, pollen, and other airborne environmental irritants that cause damaged nasal pathways. Strengthen your very first line of nasal defense with a unique technology of cations using minerals of Zinc – Copper – Magnesium – Sulfur – Hydrogen, and Ammonium salts (Urea and Amino acids).2 Topicals® Sinus Spray improves your sinuses’ health by revolutionizing nutrient uptake as a sinus moisturizing spray. Hydrate your nasal passages beyond the ordinary with sinus spray treatments with higher penetration and absorbency. Increase sinus relief by solving the cause of the problem, damaged nasal linings caused by dust, pollen, and other airborne environmental irritants.

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