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2 Topicals ® Series

2 Topicals ® promotes nutrition for the skin. Topical supplements feed our skin from the outside with a cationic complex of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Ammonium, Sulfur, and Hydrogen, which penetrates and absorbs deeply into the skin. An effective way to nourish your skin.2 TOPICALS ® NUTRITIONAL LOTIONEste suplemento tópico combina cationes de minerales, vitaminas sinérgicas, aceites esenciales de origen vegetal, antioxidantes, hidratación profunda y tecnología redox en una formulación enriquecida que promueve naturalmente el cuidado de la piel.2 TOPICALS ® NUTRITIONAL HAND SPRAYNurture your hand?s skin, body, and hair. 2 TOPICALS ® NUTRITIONAL BODY SPRAYA daily body spray containing mineral cations supporting specific functions: copper to promote collagen and elastin formation, magnesium to provide energy to skin cells, and zinc to maintain the overall health of your skin. 2 TOPICALS ® SINUS SPRAYA drug-free rinse for clearing dust, pollen, and other airborne environmental irritants that cause damaged nasal pathways. Strengthen your very first line of nasal defense with a unique technology of cations using minerals of Zinc ? Copper ? Magnesium ? Sulfur ? Hydrogen, and Ammonium salts (Urea and Amino acids).2 Topicals® Sinus Spray improves your sinuses? health by revolutionizing nutrient uptake as a sinus moisturizing spray. Hydrate your nasal passages beyond the ordinary with sinus spray treatments with higher penetración y absorbencia. Increase sinus relief by solving the cause of the problem, damaged nasal linings caused by dust, pollen, and other airborne environmental irritants.

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