Copper and Zinc - Superoxide Dismutase

December 21, 2021
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Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Superoxide dismutase, or SOD, is an enzyme that changes the superoxide O2- radical into ordinary molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. The most common type of SOD in human plasma is Cu-Zn, which is the same as that found in bovine plasma.

Super Oxide Dismutase enzymes (SODs) act as powerful antioxidants. SOD's protect cellular components from being oxidized by reactive oxygen species (ROS). A free radical or ROS is a superoxide molecular when O2 is reduced to O2-. These molecules absorb an excited electron released from compounds of the electron transport chain. SODs catalyze the production of O2 and H2O2 from superoxide (O2-).

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What is Oxidative Damage

Oxidative damage is a type of cell damage that is caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS). These species are molecules that contain oxygen and can cause damage to cells. This type of damage can lead to the development of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease. In our skin, excessive ROS can lead to wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging.

Oxidative stress is when your body cannot get rid of the bad things that happen to it. It might happen when you drink too much alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or are exposed to radiation. It can also happen when you have an infection in your body and your immune system works against it.

Oxidative stress also happens when you get older. As you get older, your body makes fewer antioxidant enzymes. In other words, antioxidants cannot fight the bad molecules as well as they could when you were younger.

There are numerous studies that show a significant increase in oxidative damage with age and an associated decrease in endogenous antioxidant capacity. For example, levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD), a major antioxidant enzyme, decrease by about 40% from the young to old age group.

Copper and Zinc SOD

Copper-Zinc SOD (CZ-SOD) is the most important scavenger of cell-damaging free radicals in many tissues. CZ-SOD has been shown to be more efficient than manganese superoxide dismutase (Mn-SOD), a lipoprotein antioxidant that is found in the mitochondria of cells. The activity of CZ-SOD is also regulated by intracellular copper levels.

Studies have shown that CZ-SOD can protect cells from being damaged by ROS. When CZ-SOD was added to human cells, it was able to protect them from being damaged by ROS. In addition, CZ-SOD was also able to protect cells from the damage caused by oxidative stress. Discover more zinc benefits for the skin.

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AETHEION Natural Prevention

All AETHEION products contain the proprietary Redox Technology with the capability of simulating an ionic zinc and copper superoxide dismutase effect. Redox Technology is a process of reducing the skin's oxidation, by transferring electrons from a radical state to a stress-free normal condition. Oxidative stress is a form of cellular aging. The high ORAC Value in AETHEION products scavenges ROS and other harmful free radicals.

superoxide dismutase ,copper and zinc,oxidative stress

AETHEION products are the only skincare line to offer this type of technology, which helps protect the skin from environmental stressors, including sun exposure and pollution. In addition, AETHEION's Redox Technology helps reverse some damage caused by the environment.

The best protection against oxidative damage is to provide the skin with optimal defense and preventative care. AETHEION products use Redox Technology to make sure healthy cells stay healthy and work properly. AETHEION is a cosmetic system of formulations that vary in use, purpose, concentrations, and blends of ionized minerals. The higher the number of AETHEION Redox Technology in each product, the greater concentration of redox potential it contains.

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If you're looking for a skincare line that can protect your skin from environmental stressors, try AETHEION. All of our products contain Redox Technology with the capability of simulating an ionic zinc and copper superoxide dismutase effect.

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