Winter is the time of year when we all experience a dry skin problem. The cold air and dry heat from our furnaces can leave us feeling and looking like we have sun-damaged skin.The winter weather is upon us, and the cold, dry air can wreak havoc on our skin. With harsh winds whipping against your face, a cold that never seems to go away, and hot beverages crammed with sugar, it's no wonder why you might be feeling sluggish as well. To help keep your skin healthy this winter season, we have compiled some tips for skincare with ingredients both natural and artificial.The articles will provide information about what to avoid to maintain a healthy complexion, what products are vital for combating dryness, and choosing the right moisturizer for your needs.The reports finish by providing helpful tips on wearing makeup during these colder months, so you don't sacrifice good looks just because of inclement weather conditions!Winter is a time for cuddling up in your favorite winter clothes and spending more time indoors. It's also the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with some much-needed skincare. You may not be able to go outside without feeling like you're about to freeze, but at least you can keep your skin happy and healthy inside! Here are five tips on how to take care of your skin this winter:-Wash and moisturize daily-Use a humidifier or steam facial instead of hot showers-Keep makeup light-Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly (especially if using a humidifier)-Protect from dry air with an SPF lotion during cold weather.

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