How to Get Glowing Skin - 17 Crucial Habits

December 7, 2022
6 minutes

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Are you searching for how to get glowing skin?

You have found a good source. Stay a while and join this session on glowing skin care. 

First, don’t feel overwhelmed by skin imperfections. It is a process, and solutions are available for all skin issues. Keep calm and carry on the journey of beautiful skin. 

Now, have you noticed dull skin around your face? The signs of dull skin can include a lack of brightness, uneven skin tone, dryness, and a rough texture. If these symptoms describe what you are experiencing, consider finding out what is causing it and take action to correct the problem.

Numerous factors contribute to disdain skin, such as sun exposure, smoking cigarettes, diet, alcohol consumption, and inadequate skin products - to name a few - harm the health of your skin. 

If you’re guilty of some, who hasn’t been? Read along and learn about habits that can enhance the vibrancy of your glowing skin. 

How to get glowing skin
How to Get Glowing Skin

1. Wash your face

A no-brainer when it comes to getting glowing skin. Wash it after waking up and before going to bed. Start the day clean and rest well, clear from the day’s mess. Although not rocket science, skin types vary. Oily skin and dry skin require different measures. For dry skin, perhaps twice a day may lead to irritation, whereas oily skin may benefit from two washes. Learn how to control oily skin.

Explore wetting your face in the morning with cold water and using a cleanser at night to eliminate bacteria and remove dirt. With washing your face come along other steps for glowing skin.

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2. Moisturize

After cleaning your face, apply lotion in the morning. At night, apply a moisturizer to help the skin repair itself and protect it from wrinkles and getting glowing skin.

3. Exfoliate

Pick the least busy day of the week to exfoliate your skin. You can create your own with sugar grains and honey; used coffee grains are also a great source. Step into the shower with your grains and gently scrub your body. Rinse with warm water and enjoy a smooth sensation! 

If your skin is prone to acne, exfoliating more than once a week can be beneficial. But don’t be too rough on your skin. Here are natural exfoliating tips.

4. Smear Sunscreen all over your body

Before all and foremost, protect yourself from sunlight. Seek the shade, and wear appropriate clothing that shields your skin. The sun causes severe damage; it takes 15 minutes to get a sunburn, so even carry an umbrella if you’re out and about during the sun's peak hours.

5. Bath time

Before moving on to other relevant activities to improve the appearance of your skin, let’s discuss small changes in your showering routine that can improve dull skin. 

For example, long hot baths are a major turn-off for the skin because it opens the pores - leaving the skin dry and some cases causing itchiness & aggravating acne. Ouch! Don’t torture your skin. 

Speaking of torture, what kind of soap are you using to wash your body? Because strong soaps will generate irritability and other reactions. Go with natural, fragrance-free products. 

If you are shaving, be cautious. Use proper care before and after to avoid cuts and pumps. 

Lastly, pat dry. Rubbing your skin may irritate it. 

By now, you should realize that the skin is alive and sensitive. So, play nice. 

Above anything, always treat your skin with kindness. Frustration won’t clear your skin, on the contrary, but more on that later. So, relax a bit. Your skin is doing the best it can with what you give it.

6. Drink water

There is no better way to get glowing skin without this. Hydration helps clear your skin by allowing your body to flush out toxins rapidly. Aim to drink from six to eight glasses of water daily. Try herbal tea if the water taste isn’t to your liking. Moreover, accustom yourself to carrying a reusable water bottle.

7. Change your pillowcases routinely!

Over time pillowcases, along with bed sheets, become dirty. Try to wash them at least weekly to exterminate building-up bacteria.

8. Pat dry skin with paper towels, or air it out!

Perhaps, not a favorable action to take if climate change is a concern since paper towels are disposable compared to towels. But similar to pillowcases, towels have to be washed regularly. Otherwise, it is a habitat for all kinds of bacteria. If you consider the water consumption it takes to wash towels, then perhaps pat drying your face with paper towels isn’t so bad. 

Another option is to let it air out or use a small fan to remove excess water.

9. Don’t touch your face!

It is so tempting, and you convince yourself that if you just pick at it a bit more, you will achieve satisfaction. But we both know the truth. Your skin will get upset, making you more anxious, and negative emotions will provoke stress and turmoil. 

So, instead, look at it and give it the stink-eye. Be funny with it or whatever form of comedic relief you need to perform to not pick at your face. It can lead to ugly scars, a spread of bacteria, and overall make the appearance of your skin worse; no need to go there. 

Ok, but if you must. Only, under emergency circumstances, may you pick at your face to pop a pimple. But do not use your fingers! Grab two clean q-tips to squirm out the dirt.

10. Birth control

Have you noticed changes since taking birth control? Imbalanced hormones stimulate acne along with other side effects. Talk to your doctor to find the best solution for your body.

11. Sleep!

While staying up late working on something passionately or a night out is fun, your body needs sufficient sleep hours to maintain its bodily functions. Give yourself the rest you deserve in order to get glowing skin. Your whole body will feel better when you give it a minute to catch up with today’s rush. 

Also, 8 hours of sleep is not for everyone. It ranges from body to body. Explore your sleeping cycle!

12. Be disciplined with makeup!

For makeup users, purchase products that will not clog the pores. Good indicators are those labeled “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic.” It doesn’t hurt to mention washing your hands before applying makeup and regular cleaning of makeup brushes and sponges.

And as tempting as it is to drift off to slumber, remove your makeup before going to sleep or exercising.

Say goodbye to dull skin and welcome glowing skin care!

How to get glowing skin,causes of dull skin,skincare for dull skin,skincare for glowing skin
How to Get Glowing Skin

13. Drain stress and exercise!

A few texts back, it was mentioned that frustration towards your skin state causes you to feel distressed, and there’s no need to punish yourself for that. Stress is another factor for your body to act up and feel hostile. 

What are your favorite ways to unwind? Take breaks, practice meditation, read, hike, or whatever floats your boat, but channel out the negativity.

14. Cut Back on Salt & Sugar

There is something tasty but deteriorating about salt and sugar. For your body, it means bad business. Your face gets bloated from too much salt. Over-consumption of sugar can accelerate the aging process and contribute to other skin health issues.

15. Avoid smoking

There is evidence suggesting that smoking invokes a higher risk of acne. That’s solely the tip of the iceberg. The list of deadly side effects smoking causes is frightening.

16. Eating healthy

Easier said than done, but you know that eating plentiful fruits & vegetables boosts your health. These will provide glowing skin and also give vitality to your whole being. Consider straying from processed food to sprint towards a bountiful field of fruits and vegetables. 

Start by seeking these for the best results. 

  • Omega-3 fatty acids - Fish & walnuts are beneficial to your skin. 
  • Vitamin C - Citrus fruits and spinach will help existing pimples heal faster.
  • Fiber-rich foods - keep your gastrointestinal balanced.

17. Vitamins

And if you want to wing it. Take multivitamins to ensure you are taking enough necessary vitamins and minerals.

Closing words!

Are you pleased with the answers to how to get glowing skin? Is there something you think might be impossible to accomplish? Don’t frown. Changes don’t happen overnight. Think of it as a harvest. Every day you have the choice to act positively to reach the goal. The important thing is that you are here, reading this, and trying to improve yourself. 

Keep us in mind along with your choices. Let us be your reliable companion. Our products are unique in their science, guaranteeing satisfaction! 

How to get glowing skin with AETHEION
How to Get Glowing Skin

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