5 Amazing Hyaluronic Acid Benefits For Skin

November 2, 2022
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A Look at Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

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Hyaluronic acid is a slippery-clear substance produced naturally by your body. Primarily found in the skin, connective tissue, and eyes. It keeps tissues lubricated and moist. Hyaluronic acid benefits also contributes to bodily functions, skin health, wound healing, bone strength, and others. 

Hyaluronic acid comes in different shapes and sizes; topical serums, eye drops, injections, and supplements. Let’s examine the spectrum of the benefits hyaluronic acid can provide for your health.

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Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

What is the Function of Hyaluronic Acid?

Inside the body, this remarkable substance takes part in helping things move smoothly. Joints can express themselves with ease thanks to hyaluronic acid. A cushion that aids in preventing injuries from bones grinding against each other. 

Hydration is essential for the body, and with hyaluronic acid, things are just that! A small teaspoon holds about 1 ½ gallons of water. Key to understanding why you find this ingredient in many cosmetic products. Maintaining your skin hydrated is vital to enhance its health. 

Other duties include delivering nutrients to cells and carrying toxins out of cells. The flexibility of your skin operates with hyaluronic acid. Meaning it can also reduce skin wrinkles and fine lines. As age takes a toll, the production of hyaluronic acid declines, thus stumbling in health issues.

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Hyaluronic Acid Benefits: What does hyaluronic acid do to your skin?

By now, you can guess what areas HA can help you with, the skin. Let’s focus on its role in maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance. 

Did you know that 50% of the total hyaluronic acid in your body is in the skin? Studies uphold it as the “fountain of youth,” but research is still ongoing to further grasp the benefits hyaluronic acid can offer.

Five Hyaluronic Acid Benefits coming ahead:

  1. Supple skin: A study concluded that the consumption of hyaluronic acid stimulates the skin’s moisture and combats dry skin. 
  2. Fewer wrinkles!: The daily intake of 120 mg restrains the formation of wrinkles. 
  3. Healing wounds: This gooey substance can decrease inflammation and encourage wound healing
  4. Acne scars: Widely used in fillers to repair or conceal scars caused by acne. 
  5. Skin elasticity: Being vulnerable to toxic environmental factors decreases the skin’s protection. To combat the denigrating effect, serums and even supplements can improve the strength and elasticity of the skin. 

Now, where can you get your dosage of hyaluronic acid naturally? 

According to a report, obtaining hyaluronic acid through food isn’t available. Nonetheless, you can encourage its creation by ingesting minerals that accelerate its production. So, pay close attention and sparkle your diet with these great sources for increasing hyaluronic acid. 


Deficiency causes low levels of hyaluronic acid. Make sure you are getting the right amount of it. Recommendations suggest a daily dosage of 310 to 420 mg of magnesium. It depends on your age, but more or less a margin. A significant piece of information is that only 40% of the magnesium you eat is absorbed. Read our complete article on the benefits of magnesium on skin.

Find your favorite source of magnesium!

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Peanuts or butter of such
  • Spinach
  • Black and kidney beans
  • Edamame
  • Avocado 
  • White potatoes
  • Yogurt
  • Salmon


Keep your intake in check! Low zinc can also prove to cause harm to your health. The daily advised consumption is eight milligrams for women and 11 milligrams for males. Checkout these zinc benefits for skin.

  • Oysters
  • Beef
  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Pork 
  • Pumpkin seeds 

What Destroys Hyaluronic Acid?

The sun. Beware. Much needed but dreadful if you are not protecting your skin with sunscreen. Five minutes outside, exposed to UV rays can break down hyaluronic acid.

Naturally, in your body, as you age, hormones destroy hyaluronic acid. Although it is part of the cycle of life, taking action to slow it down is possible. 

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Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

Forms to Take Hyaluronic Acid

The consumption of supplements may benefit your health. Studies demonstrate how a daily dosage can show improvements in the skin with hydration and elasticity. For joints, supplement intake can also help with symptoms relating to moderate osteoarthritis. 

It comes in pills or as a liquid to mix with water and drink. Its benefits are those mentioned above; skin improvement and a decrease in arthritis pain, to name a few. 

Cosmetic products are available in shampoos, lotions, serums, creams, gels, and such with hyaluronic acid. Find it as a powder to blend with water and create a serum to apply directly to your skin. It enhances a younger appearance by tackling fine lines and wrinkles. 

Are you prone to eye dryness? Since found in your eyes, hyaluronic acid is also available in eye drops. 

When it comes to intimate interaction, lubricant gels commonly use hyaluronic acid for vaginal dryness, especially for women enduring menopause. 

For serious stuff, a prescription to use hyaluronic acid in the following ways:

  • Injection - Injecting HA into your joints can alleviate the pain. 
  • Fillers - Approved fillers contain hyaluronic acid and collagen. They restore the natural shape and appearance of acne scars or add volume to your lips. 
  • Nose - Certain medications utilize hyaluronic acid for its absorption through the nose. 
  • Inhaler - Properties of HA can act on respiratory problems, similar to asthma or infections.

Are there any dark side effects to Hyaluronic Acid?

In general, it is a safe component to use. Sometimes the combination with other elements can cause undesired side effects. For example, if your skin products contain sodium hyaluronate, it can dry out the skin. 

Do not fall prey to serums that claim to have a high percentage of hyaluronic acid. Here’s a picture to imagine, a product would have to be a salt rock to represent >75%.

Even though you cannot obtain the exact percentage of each ingredient without testing it in a lab, you can stir away from products with such extravagant declarations. 

So, a rule of thumb is to safely test in a small area before applying it fully.

Hyaluronic Acid Skin Benefits

hyaluronic acid benefits for skin,hyaluronic acid as a moisturizer,hyaluronic acid good for skin,hyaluronic acid serum side effects,skincare routine with hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

It does not hurt to mention again the benefits hyaluronic acid can supply because the appearance of our skin is a big deal. Confidence sprouts from it, giving support to interact with the world. That is why our mission as a company is to deliver the best formulas to combat imperfections naturally, blending nature with science to create solutions for your skin.

Start Exploring Our Solutions

AETHEION® offers products with hyaluronic acid benefits. Learn more about our Anti Aging Series and Powerful Professional Series!

AETHEION® ZC30 Anti Aging Cream.

A daytime moisturizer with an advanced multi-protection antioxidant. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E team up to battle free radicals and prevent further skin damage. While also pampering your skin with a long-lasting younger look, it is anti-acne, too. You can find this anti wrinkle cream here.

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Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

AETHEION® ZCM65 Synergistic Lotion

This anti aging moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and vitamin e provides antioxidants so your skin can fight back against the aging elements every day. It is a fragrance-free formula made of botanical extracts and advanced skin technology. See this anti aging moisturizer in the store!

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Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

AETHEION® ZC50 Cellular Support 

A potent support cream for clearing superoxide radicals from the body. Its innovative technology supports the bioavailability and physiological repair of the skin’s membrane, facilitating healthy skin hydration, elasticity, barrier function, and natural cell renewal. You can find this skin repair cream here.

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Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

AETHEION® ZCM22 Ultimate Relief

Do you deal with heavy-duty? Does your body ache after a long day? Or are age-related diseases keeping you from enjoying the simple things? Try and witness the comfort our lotion can supply. A mixture of the highest-quality minerals and the natural power of cationic bonding provides profound penetration. Learn more about this soothing lotion.

Our products don’t compare!

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Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

So, what is the lesson?

Hyaluronic Acid is a big boy. He is part of our body and aids in diverse ways to provide the functionality to our lives. Bones, skin, cells, this guy goes beyond. Staying on the skin aspect, this big boss is responsible for providing elasticity to your skin. Thus, aiding with reducing wrinkles and fine lines, speeding wound healing, and moisturizing dry skin.

Besides locking in moisture, it also yields nutrients and removes wastes from the body. It carries amino acids and glucose from the bloodstream into the dermis, a function for healthy skin. Hyaluronic Acid does not grow in trees; it can be grown in a lab through bacteria. 

Food sources are scarce. The intake of minerals - zinc and magnesium - boosts its production. Certain meats, nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables are suppliers to get the engine going. Other mediums of hyaluronic acid are available to treat a list of conditions. The shapes and sizes of this element come in supplements, injections, powders, and liquids. Keep an eye out for HA to understand further its role in our health. 

Overall, a friendly component that helps the vitality of your skin. Mixing it with others could generate side effects, but don’t withdraw from asking your doctor. Preserving HA as we age can be rough. And daily exposure to the sun makes it difficult.  So this line is your kind reminder to wear sunscreen today. 

Neglecting to do so will harm your health, not only your appearance. Treat your future self with no medication bills to repair something you can shield this present. An investment in your health and appearance will go a long way!

Look through our store to browse our high-quality formulas to enhance the beauty and health of your skin. Remember, we offer lushes aid without painful and complicated procedures. 

To conclude, 

What hyaluronic acid benefits are you most interested in acquiring? 

What skin issues would you like to address? 

Follow along and enjoy the ride to wellness.

Questions? Ask away! We love to answer. Visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" section, or, if you prefer you can contact us.

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