5 Extraordinary Benefits of Arnica for Skin Care

November 1, 2022
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Benefits of Arnica for Skin and Health

Although Arnica has been around for more years than most, research to declare reliable information is low. Some things are known, the good and the bad; read along to discover its remarkable features. And find new ways to use the benefits of arnica for skin care. 

Depending on the type of household you grew up in, you might have come across a cream with arnica; used to help sore muscles, bruises, and arthritis. The cream has a peculiar smell and a pain-relieving effect.

But what more is there to arnica?

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5 Extraordinary Benefits of Arnica for Skin Care


Our dear, Arnica is part of the sunflower family (Asteraceae). It is a herbaceous plant. Found in temperate regions of North America and the Arctic. Records date back to 1558; Doctor and naturalist Pietro Andrea Mattioli wrote about it.

Features of Arnica

Arnica is a perennial that grows up to 2 feet by 8 inches. It contains both female and male organs making it a hermaphrodite. The Arnica flower has a bright yellow hue. When the flower opens, its star shape can look like a sunflower.

There are varieties of Arnica. Mountain Arnica (Arnica Montana) is the most common and used for medicinal and homeopathic remedies due to its high potency. 

5 Extraordinary Benefits of Arnica for Skin Care
5 Extraordinary Benefits of Arnica for Skin Care

The Toxicity

Mentioned above was Arnica Montana, which contains helenalin, an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Oral consumption can be toxic and irritate the skin if not used in small doses. 

Side effects vary but can still occur even when used in diluted topical ointments or creams. Severe cases rise if taken in oral forms. 

When ingested orally, effects can be:

  • Mouth and throat irritation
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Easy bruising and bleeding 
  • Accelerated heartbeat
  • High blood pressure

Pregnant or lactating individuals should not take arnica in any form. Children included. Read the ingredients of any lotion to avoid allergic reactions. 

Recommendations also indicate not to use arnica two weeks prior to surgery since it may cause excessive bleeding before and after an operation. 

Arnica Benefits for Skin

Glad the toxicity segment did not scare you. Arnica is an ancient remedy with not enough research. In alternative medicine, it is considered profoundly for treating pain and swelling. 

5 Extraordinary Benefits of Arnica for Skin Care
5 Extraordinary Benefits of Arnica for Skin Care

Arnica is typically available in gels, oils, creams, ointments, tinctures, and homeopathic solutions here are some of its benefits:

  1. Muscle Soreness - A tough day at the gym or work? Rub some arnica before going to bed to ease the ache. Relieve sore muscles after a workout.
  2. Reduce Inflammation - Injuries can inflate a muscle, and arnica can soothe that discomfort. 
  3. Bruises - There is no need to wait for them to fade. Apply arnica to reduce its appearance. 
  4. Wait, skin moisturizer? - This is not a remedy for the long term. But if the cold season is causing your skin to dry, apply a small amount of arnica to hydrate the skin; arnica has moisturizer properties. 
  5. Healthy Hair - Nutrients and properties of arnica suggest that it can promote healthy hair follicles, reduce hair loss and split ends.

When it comes to arnica, the situation can get tricky because although there are success stories, there can be contradictions to its benefits too. Try to test on a small area of your skin to see how it responds. Look for warning signs to avoid further damage. The benefits of arnica on skin may vary. Ask your doctor or health practitioner for guidance on how to use arnica.

Conclusion on Benefits of Arnica for Skin

A beautiful effectual flower, Arnica, treats pain, bruising, and swelling. Use it on your muscle, skincare, and hair. One should be cautious in how and when to use this remedy herb. 

Research is mixed; no sufficient coverage successfully claims the benefits of arnica for skin care. Personal exploration can lead to great discoveries. Keep calm, and do not overdo its use, though! 

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