Dehydrated Skin and Acne: 3 Powerful Solutions

October 25, 2022
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What causes dehydrated skin with acne? Can it improve? How?

dehydrated skin breakouts
dehydrated skin breakouts

Dehydrated skin with acne can be an infuriating combination. It is a condition that results in dry, scaly skin with breakouts. 

But! Do not stress further. Let’s break it down to figure out what is happening. And how you can implement changes to boost the health of your skin. 

Understand dehydrated skin with acne: Why does this happen?

It occurs when your skin is not getting enough water, of course. It can be due to various factors. Skin-care formulas, too much sun exposure, and even having hot baths and showers impact how your skin feels and adapts. It may lack water, yet it overcompensates with oil. So it must not be confused with dry skin, which can lack both (water and oil). Want to know why you may have dry skin? Read more here.

A stable skin would produce oil and be able to pass it through to the surface. 

dehydrated skin breakouts
dehydrated skin breakouts

But when it is dehydrated, the pores collapse, as they aren’t well lubricated.  As the skin compensates for its thirst, it produces more oil and slows the travel to the surface. Causing it to get caught up by dead skin cells. So begins the creation of conditions associated with oily skin. Allowing blemishes, blackheads, and acne breakouts to make an entrance. 

Using the wrong product can have severe effects! Alcohol and certain fragrances used in recipes can be harmful. They strip away coats of natural oil and expose your skin to toxic elements in the air, environment, and such. As a consequence, it triggers inflammation that makes breakouts worse. 

Worry not. Dehydrated skin with acne is not permanent. 

How to moisturize dehydrated skin with acne?

Besides the obvious of drinking the proper amount of water daily. Here are some suggestions to enhance your journey to clearer skin. 

Let’s first tackle acne. Salicylic acid (BHA) and benzoyl peroxide are proud anti-acne ingredients. But wait! Not all will give you the relief you need because some can still be rude to your skin. Use this as a reminder that it is crucial to read the ingredients thoroughly in any anti-acne product. 

Now, to repair your dehydrated skin. Since it requires special needs, find a moisturizer that hydrates without clogging pores. Start in the middle ground with a hybrid texture gel cream. Avoid all creamy, rich emollient formulas. 

Find products that help repair and balance the outermost layers of your skin to manage the breakouts. Look out for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, a powerful ingredient that aids in attracting and retaining moisture in the skin. 

Another significant element is ceramides, fatty acids that seal in moisture and protect the skin barrier. 

Lastly, a further step is using a humidifier could also help by adding moisture to the air, preventing dehydrated skin. 

Use a gentle, non-stripping cleanser on your face, and avoid scrubbing too harshly. Use a moisturizer every day, even if you have oily skin. In addition, use a non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging) sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. 

Following these suggestions,  you can start to improve your dehydrated skin with acne.

Is dehydrated skin with acne still keeping you down?

dehydrated skin breakouts
dehydrated skin breakouts

Our products provide essential nutrients for your skin’s needs. Plus, it contains antioxidants that aid cells from free radical damage. A cruelty-free mix with natural ingredients like Vitamin C or aloe vera, making them gentle on sensitive skin types. 

Try ÆTHEION® ZCM15 Health Lotion! It is a daily moisturizer that boosts the health of your skin and its appearance. This fusion contains ionized minerals and high-quality vitamins essential to a healthy exterior. Your skin will feel the difference with one application each day. 

Read more about how to treat dehydrated skin here.

In short, what is up with dehydrated skin with acne? 

Dehydrated skin does not provoke acne. Bad habits to your skin expose its nature, in this case, prompting dehydration. It weakens the skin, making it vulnerable to developing breakouts. 

Treat your acne first with formulas that fight bacteria but do not worsen the state of survival of your skin. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are a place to start. 

Then, focus on hydrating your skin with hybrid textures, like gel. Stir off from creamy solutions. Do not forget to track the process of your skin. It will help to understand what works best for your skin type. If issues persist, talk to your dermatologist.

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dehydrated skin breakouts
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