6 Great Ways to Care for Hair in Summer - Curly Hair Edition

February 14, 2023
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Curly hair is beautiful and unique in all its shapes and forms. Taking care of it might be a complex task. Join this reading session to pick up some tips on care for hair in summer!

A new year brings summer around, and curly hair in summer can be a buzzkill. Enjoy this article to practice new habits that will enhance the beauty and health of your hair! 

Recent viral videos have educated some to embrace and discover that curly hair lives behind an untamed frizz. If that is your journey, come aboard and learn about the wavy life of curly hair. 

What makes curly hair?

Do you know how keratin makes up most of your hair? Well, how it binds with your hair shafts determines the curliness of your hair. You have sulfur in your hair as the bindings form through disulfide bridges. 

Another influence is how your hair follicle grows into your scalp. If it’s asymmetrical, there will be more curls. Remember that the formation of your hair comes from DNA and cannot be changed, but you can try temporary hair treatments. 

Consider density and texture as well. Texture refers to the size of the hair follicle. Fine hair has a smaller diameter, while coarse hair tends to have a larger diameter. Nonetheless, curly hair can be thin, thick, fine, or coarse.

Density is how much hair you have. Thick hair makes it hard to see your scalp - that is one way to assert. 

Another thing to know is porosity. It measures how easily moisture, oils, and other substances can move through the hair. Knowing your hair’s porosity level will enable you to determine what products are best for your specific needs.

Curly hair can be more porous than straight hair; it becomes dry and brittle much faster.

Caring for Curly hair

Hair breakage is common among curly hair people. It may be due to poor maintenance of your hair and the structure of your roots. It starts in the scalp and roots to boost the health of your curly hair.

How to protect hair in summer? Should I wash my hair every day in the summer?

Begin with these points to start practicing better habits for those curls:

  • Wash hair when needed instead of daily - Seek more in Is Washing Your Hair Everyday Bad?
  • Moisturize your hair with conditioner and oils
  • Deep cleanse your scalp when you wash your hair
  • Detangle your hair between washes
  • Protect your hair from heat 
  • Preserve your curls overnight 

Last but not least, shampoos with sulfates are prone to dry out your hair - avoid these chemicals. Why? Because having a dry scalp with dry hair will be greasier and uncontrollable.

A golden rule for curls is to never brush them dry since your hair becomes frizzy and fragile. Grab a wide comb and start at the bottom of your hair to detangle it. 

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Care for Hair in Summer

6 Great Ways to Care for Hair in Summer
6 Great Ways to Care for Hair in Summer

Hair care in extreme hot weather can be harsh on your locks and curls. The heavy sun’s rays may weaken the proteins in your hair and cause further breakage or damage. Add humidity to the setting, and your hair will not have it. 

However, it isn’t an indication for you to give up your shine. Try these few simple tips to strengthen your curly hair. Care for hair in summer to have healthy and beautiful curls despite the heat. 

Wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair from the sun!

Engrave this; your body needs protection from the sun. For your hair, it will aid in maintaining healthy and bouncy curls. An easy and effective way to keep your curls safe from harmful rays is by donning a wide-brimmed hat or scarf. 

Hats or scarves with a UPF rating of 50+ are ideal, as they block out 98% of the UV rays. Not into having things on your head? An umbrella could suffice. 

Keep curls moisturized with a light-weight, hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Opt for a lightweight shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh down your curls. Avoid sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals - these can strip your hair of vital moisture. 

Reduce friction with a silk or satin pillowcase while you sleep 

It will prevent knots, tangles, and frizz. Moreover, it assists in keeping your curls soft and hydrated.

Deep condition your hair at least once a week 

Try using a rich conditioner with natural oils - coconut or olive oil - and give your locks an extra boost of moisture.

Trim your split ends to prevent further damage

Regular trims are essential. If your curls are under harsh weather conditions or constant heat, get them trimmed at least every two months.

Is there anything more to curly hair? 

Well, not all curly hair is the same. Though hair fiber structure is similar, different factors help determine the shape. Did you know that ethnicity and geography can also influence your curls? 

Curly hair patterns

6 Great Ways to Care for Hair in Summer
6 Great Ways to Care for Hair in Summer

Different types of shapes and patterns can help classify your curly hair. How to identify and style your hair type is crucial for optimal care for hair in summer.

The most common curly hair types are 

  • Type 2 (Wavy Hair)
  • Type 3 (Curly Hair)
  • Type 4 (Kinky Hair)

Type 2 Wavy Hair 

It is not tight-curled. Instead, it has an S-shaped wave. It is generally the most manageable of the curly types and has the versatility of being styled in many different ways. 

Type 3 Curly Hair 

Curls that are firm-coiled and have an intense volume. This type can sometimes struggle with frizz and needs more moisture than other curly types. 

Type 4 Kinky Hair 

The tightest curl type is dense and grows in a ‘Z’ shaped pattern. It needs a lot of moisture to prevent drying out and tends to be the most prone to damage. 

Taking care of your hair starts by determining the type of curly hair you have. It will enable you to know which products and techniques are best suited. Thus, always being able to style your hair. 

Are you still unsure of your hair? Seek a professional stylist to help you. Consulting will provide the knowledge you need to enhance the health and beauty of your curls. 

The Summary 

6 Great Ways to Care for Hair in Summer
6 Great Ways to Care for Hair in Summer

Curly hair can be too much at times. And if you are now detecting that curls are part of your DNA. All that is left is to embrace the curls, turn off the heat, and let them bounce and live their wild style. 

Eat healthy for nutrients that will protect and conserve the life of your hair. Find out if your favorite ingredients are in the 24 Best Foods for Healthy Hair

During summertime, the heat can do real damage, so prepare to walk under shade. That goes for your skin too! Sun protection is a must, just as moisturizing is essential. 

With these tips, you can rekindle your relationship with unruly hair. 

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