9 Astonishing Beauty Myths Debunked

March 1, 2023
4 minutes

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Welcome to another session of dunking beauty myths to let the truth shine. If you are curious about our previous session, look into 20 Unbelievable Myths About Skincare

Beauty Myths: Clear packaging doesn’t affect what’s inside a product. 

Fact: The first truth is if the packaging exposes the insides to light and air, the active ingredients could lose effectiveness much sooner. 

Select skincare products with bio-active ingredients packaged in adequate containers - opaque or UV-coating to protect from light and air.  

Beauty Myths: The skin repairs itself better at night. 

Well, if you’re guilty of believing this, in a way, it made sense, but now it all sounds silly. 

Fact: The optimal time for the skin to heal is during the day when the body is awake and moving since it stimulates blood flow, oxygen, cell renewal, and other body functions that aid in the overall healing and maintenance processes. 

No matter the time of day, your skin is receptive to beneficial ingredients. Feel free to use products and remedies based on what works best for your routine; your skin has no curfew. 

Before you consider skipping sunscreen, it is the exception; you need it for daylight hours. 

Beauty Myths: Never pop a pimple

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9 Astonishing Beauty Myths Debunked

Fact: Doing it will help fade it faster! But! You must do it with care.

Never poke at your face without proper preparation; damaging the skin leads to acne scars that are a joy killer. Releasing the pressure filled in the pimple frees the skin-damaging substance inside.

Allow for the perfect timing to know when the blemish is ready to have its content popped. 

A “whitehead” on the surface is a good indicator - if the zit feels swollen, be gentle with the pressure you apply. Do not use your fingers. Instead, use cotton Q-tips with a small dose of alcohol. 

Beauty Myths: A higher SPF rating provides better protection.

Fact: Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating relates to UVB rays, not UVA rays. Learn the difference between one another here. The sun rays that affect the skin the most - aging & skin cancer - are UVA rays. 

Its numbering indicates a time-based measure of how much UVB protection the sunscreen provides when liberally applied to the skin. 

Based on regulated testing of UVB rays:

  • SPF 15 shields skin from 93% 
  • SPF 30 blocks about 97%
  • SPF 50 protects 98%
  • SPF 100 defends 99% 

If you’re questioning, how do you protect yourself from UVA rays? Let’s shine a light on broad-spectrum. For the claim, a sunscreen formula must pass a critical wavelength test.

Even then, studies show that people tend to under-apply sunscreen. Don’t let your skin suffer! Apply sunblocks without remorse. 

Beauty Myths:  Too much sunblock leads to vitamin D deficiency.

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9 Astonishing Common Beauty Myths Debunked

Fact: Regular use of sunscreen is unlikely to result in vitamin D deficiency.

Darker skin tones have a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency. Supplements can help.

Don’t let foolish thoughts win, and wear that sunscreen that will protect your skin health! 

Beauty Myths: Opt for “chemical-free” cosmetics since chemicals harm the skin.

Fact: Stop placing “chemicals” on the negative side of health. There are bad natural ingredients as there are good chemicals. Chemicals are part of life and enhance the function of skincare ingredients.

The safety of various chemicals, including cosmetic ingredients like parabens, acrylates, PEGs, and sunscreen components, is often misrepresented, as they are typically safe when used in appropriate amounts. The dose is a critical factor to consider.

Beauty Myths: Don’t apply niacinamide with Vitamin C or retinol. 

Fact: Together, they can be the holy grail. The three may provide a synergistic impact that enhances the results. 

When used alone, these ingredients show effectiveness. However, research suggests positive outcomes from combining niacinamide with retinol. As it calms the skin and increases tolerability as retinol works. The two complement each other’s work on reducing signs of aging and also address uneven skin tone. 

Vitamin C doesn’t fall behind. It is safe to use alongside niacinamide - in the same product or combined from different sources to layer on your skin. 

As you try new active ingredients, introduce the formulas gradually to your skin. As your skin tolerates them, increase the frequency of use. 

Beauty Myths: You must do regular professional facials for the best results for your skin. 

Fact: Save your money! Facials are not a requirement for better-looking skin. Quite the opposite, it may cause damage to the barrier of the skin. Facials rely on highly irritating-fragrant ingredients that pull or tug at the skin, using devices or steam that can lead to further problems. 

Facial treatments may sound relaxing and deliver short-term satisfaction. For great skin, in the long run, you can do without them. 

You can achieve clear, healthy, glowing skin at home. Be consistent in your skincare routine and select products that target your skin concerns. Don’t forget to partake in lifestyle changes; healthy diet, exercise, sleeping sufficient hours, and managing stress, to name a few! 

Beauty Myths: Sunbathing your acne helps to dry them.

The sun dries the skin, but the skin reacts by secreting more oil, clogging the pores. Furthermore, extended and unprotected exposure may promote a sun allergy - the appearance of blemishes. 

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9 Astonishing Beauty Myths Debunked


Misinformation spreads like wildfire, and staying curious enables you to search for other sources of truth that can end the chain of myths. 

Don’t you want healthy and beautiful skin? 

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