20 Unbelievable Myths About Skincare

January 16, 2023
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Myths About Skincare

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Skincare health is disruptive with so much information and so many products. But no regulations, so stick around to read myths about skincare; did you know some of these biggest skin care myths? 

Unbelievable Myths About Skincare
20 Unbelievable Myths About Skincare

1. Myths about skincare: Alcohol dries out the skin 

Alcohol is tough to break down because it does dry your skin in a way but not entirely. It depends on your skin type, the goal, the product, and the concentration.

An oily skin type may find an alcohol-based toner to be more effective. Using a skincare product with alcohol can be beneficial for penetrating oil buildup and clearing dirt. For the counterpart, alcohol in sensitive skin, eczema, or allergies will dry out the skin. 

There are different types of alcohol, synthetic and natural. The most significant thing to know for choosing your new skin care product is to avoid alcohol on the top lines of ingredients. It may signify that its concentration is high. A lower position of alcohol indicates less intensity; less aggressive to the skin. 

2. Myth: The skin needs antibacterial soap

Microbiomes are part of the natural environment of the skin. They are essential in maintaining healthy skin; constant antibacterial soap usage clashes with the natural balance. 

Unless your work line requires the extermination of bacteria - healthcare professionals - your skin is better off with a combination of good and bad bacteria in your skin. Do clean your face with a neutral soap, nonetheless. 

3. Myths about skincare: Oily skin doesn’t need to moisturize 

Not doing so will eventually dry out your skin. Products labeled “non comedogenic” will be more beneficial as they do not cause clogged pores. Ingredients of cocoa butter or mineral oil can have the opposite effect. 

4. Myth: Makeup causes aging

Do your makeup without fear. The disciple for it not to be a problem with your skin is to remove your makeup every night before going to sleep. Clean your skin thoroughly. 

Are you concerned about aging skin? Moisturize daily with AETHEION® ZC30 Anti Aging Cream! Feel the blend of Redox Technology using Zinc-copper Superoxide Dismutase. An advanced multi-protection antioxidant wrinkle cream to prevent aging signs.

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5. Myth: Natural means better

Nature does provide magnificent things for the world, but it can produce scary too. When it comes to skincare products, it's similar. There are bountiful benefits of botanicals and essential oils. But since most cosmetic products are not regulated, it may be a problem that could invoke allergic contact dermatitis in some people. 

Understanding your skin and reading the ingredients on skin care products will help protect your skin. 

6. Myth: The skin needs to exfoliate

Exfoliating leaves the skin feeling smooth, but overdoing it will invoke infections - stripping the natural conditions of the skin. And it isn’t a necessary practice per se, you can do it, but your skin won’t fall apart if you don’t. 

Once a month, your skin sheds its superficial keratinocytes. So, undergoing peels or dermabrasion to exfoliate may be too abrasive on your skin and quite unnecessary. 

7. Myth: Toners are necessary 

Another marketing fad? Praised for their excess oil cleansing, toners are unnecessary. Your skin doesn’t need to be stripped out from its components. 

Desiring ingredients in toners such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids are beneficial but can be found in creams or acne products. 

8. Myth: Sunscreen is only for summer

Don’t play with the sun. Your skin is at higher risk of skin cancer if not protected and under the strongest sun exposure hours (10 AM to 4 PM). Sun damage causes premature aging and further aging signs - other factors influence it too!

After a day spent outside, restore essential nutrients to your skin and hair with AETHEION® ZC5 After Sun. Easy to apply spray on clean skin to nourish your body. 

9. Myth: Wounds should be able to breathe to heal

We have a false here, your skin will dry out, and wounds heal better in a close, clean, and moist environment. 

If there is no infection, cover the wound with a healing ointment and a bandage in the early stages of recovery. 

Another myth about skincare is that the food you eat can cause acne. Some deem chocolate to be a bad sport for causing acne, but there is no association linked. Of course, this isn’t a free pass on eating junk food because it may affect normal functions in your body, altering its maintenance. 

10. Myth: Eye creams don’t work

Puffiness can be unbearable, and sometimes you don’t have a cucumber on the go. An eye cream with the right ingredients can benefit the most delicate part of your skin. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements can perk the life of the skin under your eyes. 

11. Myth: Remove bags under your eyes with cucumbers

Unbelievable Myths About Skincare
20 Unbelievable Myths About Skincare

Yes and no, the moisture does provide benefits, but any cool compress will do the trick. 

But have you tried potatoes for puffy eyes instead? 

12. Myth: Doing face exercises reduces wrinkles

Let that sink in. Contrary to the hype on social media, there isn’t profound information to sustain such claims. Contrary, the repetitive motions stretch your skin and could further cause wrinkles. There’s also the observation that doing face yoga with a disciple dedication could illustrate results, but there isn’t enough valid evidence. 

Try face massages instead to lose tension in your facial muscles.

13. Myth: Pores open & close

Pores opening from warm temperatures may sound logical, but they are not temperature-sensitive. Hot water won’t necessarily open or expand your pores but will strip away natural essential oils from your skin. And while cold water helps with blood circulation, its temperature might not help to clean your skin thoroughly. Thus, that is why you are always reading to wash your face with lukewarm water. 

14. Myth: A spray tan protects your skin from UV

The myths about skincare extends to the belief that your skin is protected from UV lights if you have a darker skin tone. It might explain why some might think the color is a shield.

Did you know that tanning is how the skin protects itself from sun exposure? Remember that overexposure and sunburn lead to a higher risk of skin cancer. 

Spray tanning does not shield you from harmful sun rays unless the product also contains SPF properties, but even so, applying sunscreen is a must to protect yourself from skin cancer and accelerated aging. 

15. Myth: Lips don’t need sun protection

Skincare myth or unknown information? Just because the skin is different on your lips from the rest of your body doesn’t mean it’s invincible. A lip balm or a product with SPF protection should be helpful. 

16. Myth: “Dermatologist Tested” guarantees the product

A catchy slogan to get you to buy - that’s marketing for you. In legal terms, it means that at least one dermatologist did test the product. Yet, it doesn’t mean the FDA or any dermatology organization endorsed the product. Be skeptical of such claims and research the source of the pledge before trying. 

17. Myth: Darker skin does not need sun protection

The sun does not have mercy on skin tones. Darker skin may not sunburn as much, but the risk of skin cancer is up for grabs for anyone not taking care of their skin. 

Unbelievable Myths About Skincare
20 Unbelievable Myths About Skincare

18. Myth: Shaving is done best against the grain

Nonsense, the recommendation is to shave in the direction the hair grows. Otherwise, it pulls the hair away before it gets trimmed, risking ingrown hairs and skin irritation. 

19. Myth: Retinol is only for elders 

Well, the benefits are better if you start in your early or mid-20s. The skin loses collagen and elastin production in your 20s; time is ticking if you wait to turn 40. 

Clean out free radicals from your skin with AETHEION® ZCM15 Facial Serum. The power of a calendula plant combined with an advanced formulation of Zinc-Copper Superoxide Dismutase. 

20. Myth: Men Don’t Need Body Lotion

Myths about skincare are rowdy. And maybe marketing has failed men into believing they don’t need body lotion, but the skin needs nutrients. Moisturizing your body will help its health. Education falls short sometimes when providing information about the maintenance of one’s body. 

That is a wrap!

Myths about skin care parade around the internet, and while some may be harmless, others may lead to problems down the line. When researching online, it’s best to read multiple sources before concluding. Professional help is also vital to have a reliable reference. Decide based on your experience and knowledge, and test and experiment with new products or practices. 

Did you find this to be helpful information? Learn more about skincare in our blog. Thank you for reading along with some myths about skincare. 

Skincare myths don’t end here; search more to debunk or assert traditional practices!

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