8 Easy Tips for a Summer Skincare Routine

January 19, 2023
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Summer Skincare Routine
8 Easy Tips for a Summer Skincare Routine

Summer will be around the corner, and preparing your skin for longer daylight hours - along with dry, heat, and humid weather - is a must. A summer skincare routine should protect and maintain the skin’s vitality. Read this session of summer skincare routine to upgrade your game and be ready to have fun during hot summer days. 

Why should you do a summer skincare routine?

As the seasons swing through, different climate conditions are present. You must shield your skin to soften the punches of environmental stressors. 

What do higher temperatures and humidity do to your skin?

The summer heat aisles the concerns to be about staying hydrated, managing oil, and sun protection. A common worry is acne breakouts from the extra greasy surface - which may easily mix with sweat, provoking acne and clogging pores

Switching products or avoiding using others will allow your skin to glow. Continue to read and find helpful information for your skin this summertime. 

1. Sunscreen

The UV rays are too much. The heat is intense and boiling; your skin cannot go without sunblock when you tackle your day. Sunscreens don’t come cheap, but it is an investment to keep on livin’. 

When choosing a sunscreen, SPF may arouse confusion. Sun Protection Factor indicates how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned while wearing that sunblock. Higher SPF doesn’t mean more protection but signals more protected time. 

Regardless of the number of SPF, reapply as necessary every two hours if overexposed to the sun.

Learn more about Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Summer Skincare Routine
8 Easy Tips for a Summer Skincare Routine

2. Lightweight moisturizers 

Depending on your preference for sweat, it is safe to assume it is gross and unpleasant. During summertime, any movement makes you drip, but this doesn’t mean you should skip a moisturizer.

Set aside your rich-cream moisturizer because it’s out this season. Unlike Winter, when the low temperature dries the skin, Summer requires something gauzy. Instead, find a water-based moisturizer; hyaluronic acid maintains hydration without plastering the skin. 

Skin types can make deciding on a product difficult, but try to keep it simple. Select cosmetic formulas with beneficial ingredients to treat your skin concerns. 

3. Don’t take long-hot showers

It may sound crazy to want to shower in hot water when it’s burning outside, but some find comfort in heated showers. If this is your case, recommendations suggest that you are torturing your skin with every shower you take. 

Not to be dramatic, but the constant sweating might promote wanting to shower constantly, which is a big no if you want to keep your body healthy. Keep it short under lukewarm to cool temperature shower to freshen your body and improve blood circulation. But don’t overwash your body in a day. 

4. Eat Lycopene-rich food to fight sun damage

Plant-based ingredients such as tomatoes, watermelon, and others contain lycopene. A beneficial element that is also an antioxidant and offers sun protection from within. Eating a diet generous with fruits high in antioxidants may propose benefits to your skin from harsh sun rays. 

5. Ensure you are using non-comedogenic 

With that excessive sweat, your pores are prone to get clogged. Therefore, non comedogenic products will evade breakouts. 

6. Avoid chemicals - deep peels 

Occasional superficial peels are okay to do during summer but think twice before obsessing with deeper peels as they tend to make your skin more vulnerable. 

Unprotected skin will result in sensitive skin. Don’t miss out on summer days from irritated skin. It also goes to say that over-exfoliating is a big no. The spectrum of exfoliating is broad, but rigid content will provoke the skin to act up. 

7. Treat sunburns

Sunburns are easy to get, a few minutes exposed, and it can rapidly irritate your skin. For that reason, you must soothe your sunburn. Relieve pain using aloe vera or try other ingredients that contain antioxidants to heal damaged skin cells.  

8. Restock moisture at night 

Expect summer to be grinding on your skin. An overnight product can restore the lost moisture from a day out! Try products with vitamin C to help treat sun redness. 

Looking for the best summer skincare routine kit? Purchase AETHEION® Travel Size Kit and complete your summer skincare routine. This kit moisturizes, hydrates, and treats sore muscles from those days out. Restore comfort to your skin from sun exposure! 

Summer Skincare Routine with Travel Size Kit
8 Easy Tips for a Summer Skincare Routine

Additional Tips for a Summer Skincare Routine

Not tips per se. Reminders of effective practices. Be a conscious individual who takes care of their skin. Beauty motives are common but having a summer skincare routine also provides health and defense from sun damage. 

The shade is your friend

Staying cool during the summer is nearly impossible, but practice coordinating your outings outside peak hours and take advantage of the shade to provide protection. Nonetheless, wear your sunblock - UV lights bounce off reflective surfaces. 

So pick a hat, grab your favorite sunglasses, and wear breathable, protective clothing to accomplish your day’s activities. 

Stay hydrated

Drink a glass of water every few hours or when thirsty to keep the body fresh. Exposure to the sun can evaporate your moisture. 

After spending hours out under the sun and coming home to shower, spray AETHEION® ZC5 After Sun on your clean body to hydrate it. 

Time to rethink that makeup! 

If you can’t be without makeup, consider the warmer season to welcome a makeover. Practice thinner layers of makeup to keep your face clear from excessive cosmetics. The surrounding heat will permit the combination of sweat, products, and bacteria to sit on your face. Noncomedogenic goods are the safest bet to allow your skin to breathe.  


Have fun this summer season! And take notice of how your skin feels on bright hot days. Positive outcomes begin with your actions and attitude. If you continue to practice healthy habits, the pathway to wellness will be achievable - don’t condemn yourself for temporary imperfections. 

To be short, look for light formulas, and don’t think you can skip moisturizing your skin. 

No matter the climate, your skin needs moisture to take on the world. 

So, make plans, stay in, and enjoy the summer rays while taking care of your skin! A beautiful complexion is a confidence booster!

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