Is Washing Your Hair Everyday Bad?

November 30, 2021
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What is hair damage?

Hair damage can be defined as an action or process that impairs the hair shaft. There are two types of hair damage: physical hair damage and chemical hair damage.

Is washing your hair everyday bad?

Hair Damage
Hair Damage

Physical hair damage happens when your hair is pulled out of its natural shape. You can do this by using combs or brushes too roughly on your hair. Chemical hair damage occurs when there are chemicals that damaged the proteins of the hair shafts. Both types of hair damages can occur at any time, but most likely they will happen more often than not due to outside influences like shampooing or blow-drying hair.

What causes hair damage?

There are many hair types: thin, curly, and damaged hair (among others). Hair damage can come about in different ways; it can be caused by hair coloring chemicals or over-styling. We can damage our hair using too much heat, like using blow dryers or curling wands, this could also cause hair damage.

The shampoo is one of the most suitable hair care products for hair damages done by hair coloring chemicals or over-styling with hair tongs since it can cleanse away dirt and oil buildup on your scalp.

Shampoo brands are available in many forms like shampoos for hair growth, shampoos for hair volumizing, and so on.

Hair shampoo is the hair care product you use together with a hair conditioner. The hair coloring chemicals or over-styling could cause damage to your hair, which means that you will need a hair conditioner to fix it. That's why, if you want healthy hair, hair shampoo and hair conditioner are the best hair care products for you.

However, not all hair types will need both hair shampoo and hair conditioner. For example, men that use hair waxes or hair gels to style their hair won't need to use a hair conditioner, since it can weigh down your man's locks.

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3 types of hair texture

3 Types Of Hair Texture
3 types of hair texture

You may be familiar with 3 different types of hair textures: normal, oily, and dry.

Normal hair:

Normal hair is usually easy to handle and can go without washing for several days. Oily hair tends to look dirty very quickly and doesn't like to be washed often. Dry hair looks dull and lifeless, but washing too frequently makes it even drier because the shampoo removes all the natural oils that keep it healthy.

Oily hair:

Oily hair isn't necessarily a bad thing; some people just need to wash their hair more frequently than others. If your hair gets greasy fast, try clarifying shampoos or rinsing hair in cold water instead of warm water. The cold water will close off the pores on top of your head, so the oil doesn't just sit there.

Dry hair:

Dry hair needs shampoo about every 3 days. Comb the shampoo through from tips to roots to lather up all of your hair. For normal and dry hair, try not to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair — it's too much moisture for normal or dry hair.

Do you really need to shampoo every day?

Most hair experts recommend washing your hair every other day. A hair washes for 3 days should be enough to keep hair looking and feeling clean without stripping it of its natural oils. If your hair gets greasy fast, try clarifying shampoos or rinsing hair in cold water instead of warm water. The cold water will close off the pores on top of your head, so the oil doesn't just sit there.

Washing your hair everyday
Is washing your hair everyday bad

Sometimes hair can look or feel dirty when it's actually clean. This is because natural oils on the scalp and hair react to dirt. If your hair is oily, sometimes it would look dirty. So, we would recommend washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo at least two times a month to remove any residue.

Hair can also feel dry when hair's not clean enough. If the hair feels dry, use a moisturizing conditioner when hair is in the shower. Let conditioner's hair sit in hair for two minutes, then rinse hair thoroughly.

Be sure to moisturize the ends of the hair shaft, too.

Advertisers often recommend that people wash their hair every day because they want to sell shampoos. Normal hair doesn't need to be shampooed every day. If you have dry or damaged hair, it's probably a good idea to wash your hair every other day. But if your hair feels oily, try shampooing every other day and see how it works for you.

Hair washing: every other day, clarifying shampoo 2-3 times a month, moisturizing ends and condition twice a week. (May include 1 or 2 more examples)

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