Why does my skin get so dry in the fall? - 6 Important Reasons

September 15, 2021
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Why does my skin get so dry in the fall?

As the warm summer months come to an end and the chill in the air becomes more present, you may stop to wonder why your skin seems to follow suit with the weather and look so dry during the nearing fall season. Why does my skin get so dry in the fall? You probably want to fix it, too. I can relate.

The main reason for dryness during colder months is the surrounding air itself. During the summer, the humidity in the weather tends to act as a moisturizer for your skin. When that humidity is gone, it leaves our skin looking and feeling dry, flaky, and dull. Not only that, but the constant switching temperatures as we venture from outside where it’s cold and come back inside to a warm fire can also cause our skin to act out.

Those hot showers you love taking after feeling like you’re freezing are also not too great for your skin. Oh, and that itchy sweater your grandmother knit for you a couple of Christmases ago probably isn’t doing your skin any favors either. It’s hard to believe that everyday activities can take such a toll on us, but they do.

As it dawns on you that you probably have to change your skin routine in order to meet its specific needs for the change of season, let me share some of the most important skincare tips for fall you can look out for in order to keep your skin glowing and healthy.


You probably will want to start off by adding a moisturizer if you don’t use one already. Moisturizers provide both –as the name suggests- moisture as well as a barrier over the skin that helps seal it all in. Make sure to have body lotion handy as well to cover every inch of skin, not just your face!

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Why does my skin get so dry in the fall
Dry Skin - I have to change my skincare routine during the fall.

Carry some hand cream around with you.

One of the worst things for me during the colder months is how bad my hands crack. I tend to always have a travel-size bottle of hand cream in my purse, and I make sure to have a bigger one somewhere I can easily locate around my house. Wearing a pair of gloves when I head out in the cold always helps as well.

Wear sunscreen!

It’s often believed that wearing sunscreen is only needed during the hot summer months, but just because it's cold out doesn’t mean you never expose your face to the sun’s rays.

Try to avoid fragrances in your products.

These can dry out your skin. Opt for fragrance-free, gentle products instead.

Should I exfoliate?

Don’t cut exfoliating out of your routine completely, but tone down the frequency of it. Exfoliating can help improve the skin even during the fall when it’s cold out, making it glow and look great. But over-exfoliating can lead to dryness, which you don’t need any more of during the colder months, and overdoing it, in general, can actually cause wrinkles.

Drink plenty of water!

Staying hydrated, no matter what season, is always important. Drinking around 8 glasses of water per day is the recommended amount, but this can vary from person to person. You can also eat fruits and vegetables that are high in water content, like watermelon and cucumber. If you keep yourself hydrated your body will thank you in many ways, including giving you healthy, glowing skin that will make up for the diminishing sunlight as the weather gets colder.

Why does my skin get so dry in the fall
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