10 Cosmetic Industry Trends for 2022

May 11, 2021
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Cosmetic Industry Trends

The cosmetic industry is a booming business, consisting of $190 billion worth of revenue. It's also a competitive market, with many new products and trends coming out every year.

Would you believe that it has been more than 20 years since the first-ever wrinkle cream patent was filed?

From then on, advancements in cosmetic technologies have been a constant — and sometimes controversial — topic of discussion for both consumers and scientists alike.

We've seen many changes over the last 10 years, from more natural ingredients to new ways to enhance your appearance.

Here are 10 cosmetic industry trends for 2022.

1. Growth of Natural and Organic Products    

10 cosmetic industry trends for 2022
Organic and natural

People are increasingly concerned about the ingredients in their cosmetics, and that is a good thing. Many conventional cosmetic products contain petroleum-based ingredients such as phthalates or oxybenzone. These can be toxic to human health when applied regularly over an extended period.

Although regulated for safe use in cosmetics, these substances conflict with natural beauty methods because they do not have any minerals like organic makeup.

Conventional cosmetics frequently contain high percentages of harmful chemicals, including phthalate plastics known to disrupt hormones in humans; parabens used as preservatives but also linked with cancerous cells on skin tissue if absorbed by contact. Also, formaldehyde is found mainly under nail polish brands often formulated from latex rubber polymerized resins — all potentially unsafe.

2. Green beauty brands    

Cosmetic Industry Trends
Eco beauty

More green beauty brands will emerge since consumers are becoming extra aware of their impact on the environment. For this reason, shoppers want products with fewer chemicals than before.

“Green beauty” is an umbrella term that refers to natural skincare made with true-to-nature or naturally derived ingredients in the lab. Some might take it a step further and say green beauty products should also be sustainable, using renewable resources produced by lessening our impact on the environment.

“Eco beauty,” as some call it: “Eco beauty,” has been growing in popularity since the early 2000s. During these years, consumers began looking for more environmentally friendly options that are often cruelty-free too!

Beauty product buyers are getting wiser and more careful when choosing what they put on their skin. They're opting for items with fewer chemicals. Excellent news because there's plenty of information out there to help them make better decisions about the products that suit their needs — whether it be an app or blog!

This global trend of increased awareness about animal welfare has led to several ethical alternatives in the cosmetics industry. In fact, you may be surprised at just how many cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic products are now available!

For example, it’s possible for one company to provide an entire lineup that is entirely free from any animal byproducts. Not only their beauty products but also clothing or food items.

Other companies offer exclusively cruelty-free options, meaning no animals were harmed during testing procedures. With so much variety out there, what better time than the present day?

3.- Blue Beauty    

Cosmetic Industry Trends
Protects the waters

Blue beauty is all about limiting our plastic wastage, making it easier for us to recycle and protect our oceans from chemicals found in products such as sun creams.

It means sustainable ingredients PLUS ocean-friendly packaging. It's about reducing our impact on the planet and its inhabitants + actively contributing to a healthier environment.

Blue Beauty—the marine-focused subset of green beauty that is particularly committed to rehabilitation and protection. Sustainable efforts in the industry are all part of a new trend called 'Green & Blue.' It aims to promote environmentally responsible products while maintaining ocean health.

4. Beauty devices    

10 Cosmetic Industry Trends for 2022

The beauty industry is continuing to innovate with new devices and tools for consumers. The trend will only continue as a combination of diagnostic technologies, smartphone capabilities, and individualized solutions offer an excellent way for individuals to find the best products possible explicitly suited to their needs.

This has many benefits, including higher efficacy rates due to tech validation. It is translated into better outcomes in appearance-related health, while also generating excitement among customers. These techniques help to engage with people through what they feel with the personalized treatment that suits their specific requirements.

The importance of diagnosing beauty concerns before using any device or tool will grow. This is the result of the combination of the use of smartphones, and cameras combined with technology-driven services such as dermatology systems that offer truly unique “made-for-me” results on everything from skin tone analysis apps straight.

5.- Inclusive beauty    

Cosmetic Industry Trends for 2022

Once upon a time, it seemed as though beauty was only for the stereotypical 18-34 demographic of women and homemakers. Today, however, we are finally seeing people from all walks of life represented in this realm–people like you!

The definition is widening to include those who were once excluded or marginalized, such as minorities and so-called “alternative” lifestyles that have long been the norm.

Producers of beauty products are taking note and adjusting their product ranges accordingly. It's not just about having the right shade in your foundation — companies are branching out to offer full-coverage options for those with darker skin tones or sensitive formulas that don't contain fragrances for people who have allergies.

Beauty never has really belonged solely to one age group or gender either; it's been constantly shifting over time as new generations grow up with broader definitions that include more than ever before: including those who don't conform easily (or at all) to social norms about race, religion, sexuality… you name it!

6.- Gender-neutral beauty products   

Cosmetic Industry Trends
Skincare is for everyone

In a society where gender-neutrality or fluidity can be part of one's identity, beauty brands must reflect the needs and wants of that population. Now, with online shopping so prevalent today, more are having their chance to shine.

For decades now, it was just considered normal for there to be a pink tax on these products. Nowadays, people want change right away, and radical changes in this industry are necessary if we ever hope to see progress.

In a world where gender equality is constantly being talked about, the beauty industry has made some significant strides. Nowadays, men are often seen moisturizing and exfoliating- even that old concept of metrosexuals feels dated by now!

With their bathroom cabinets just as complete as those belonging to women who love makeup, it's clear something significant has happened in our society.

7.- CBD Beauty    

cosmetic industry trends

Cannabis-based beauty products have been around for years. But the recent boom in CBD led to a demand for more potent cosmetic lines. This includes those containing hemp seed oil and other ingredients derived from cannabis plants, such as THC extract or CBN (Cannabinol).

This trend is also driven by consumers seeking healthy alternatives to traditional makeup, which often contains harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens. These ingredients are not exactly what you're looking for when it comes time to put your best face forward!

The inclusion of CBD in beauty speaks not only about how open people are using these new formulations but also how many positive health benefits they offer over their conventional counterparts. In particular, Gen Zers and Millennials seem particularly receptive.

8.- Microbiome skincare     

Cosmetic Industry Trends
Advanced Skin Technology

Experts agree that the single most crucial element of skin health is a thriving microbiome. Having many bacterial species on your skin can prevent various types of problems, from acne to premature aging and even Rosacea! The key here is having diversity in our microbial communities — it's not just about quantity, but variety.

Now, research into the human microbiome shows that there is also a connection between our gut microbiome (an ecosystem of tens of trillions of microorganisms that live in our digestive tract) and virtually every single aspect of health. This includes immune health to metabolic health, as well as brain and skin health!

The appearance or diversity/abundance levels within your body's microbiota can act like an inevitable domino effect where one system affects another, which then scrambles other methods until you end up with nothing but problems from head to toe.

9.- Anti-pollution skincare  

Cosmetic Industry Trends
Air Quality

To avoid the terrible effects of pollution, many people are looking for ways to protect their skin from micro-particles. The most popular way is through beauty products that combat these pollutants and prevent damage to your body over time.

There has been a significant increase in demand for anti-pollution cosmetics. City dwellers around the world continue fighting against poor air quality caused by harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

The call for anti-pollution beauty products has significantly increased. It is real how unhealthy our environment is!

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10.- Skinimalists    

Cosmetic Industry Trends for 2022
Back to simplicity

Minimalism is making a comeback not just in the design industry, but also across other industries, including beauty. It takes us back to the simplicity and roots of before everything became commercialized.

It is clear that people have been relying too heavily on skincare products, and many of these items are responsible for breaking down the skin barrier.

When you strip your routine back to natural ingredients from plants, it will become evident how much healthier our skin becomes.

The cosmetic industry has changed a lot in recent years. The changes are happening so rapidly; it can be hard to keep up with all of them. We hope these insights make things more straightforward for you and help you stay ahead of the game!

Which ones do you agree or disagree with? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below.

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