The Powerful Science of AETHEION®

July 5, 2020
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The Powerful Science of AETHEION® - AETHEION® is the name brand describing the science behind our technology. AETHEION® is a science that is very powerful and unique by having the ability to help people. Here is the story behind the brand AETHEION®. In Greek mythology, Aether was one of three primordial air gods. He represented all the air in the upper reaches of the Earth's atmosphere. The air directly below him, dispersed over the Earth, was the domain of Chaos.

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During this era of history, gods caused events to happen. People attributed phenomena such as lightning and earthquakes to the actions of the gods. The Ionian philosophy arose in the 6th century BC, providing the beginning of Western philosophy and naturalistic explanations of the world. According to ancient and medieval science, Aether also spelled Æther, was the concept of several theories to explain natural phenomena, such as the traveling of light and gravity.

Aether is also a power that allows control of elemental, cosmic, spiritual, and intellectual forces. Quintessence, also known as Aether or energy, was the fifth known classical element, like water, fire, earth, or air. Aether is the power of life, the most potent and magical element. In modern chemistry and biological science, ionic bonds form when atoms become ions by gaining or losing electrons. When positively charged, the ion is a cation; when negatively charged, it is called an anion. This atomic movement of energy (electrons) is life's power.

Life is nothing but an electron looking for a place to rest.— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Powerful Science of AETHEION

The Powerful Science of AETHEION® uses a proprietary formulation and process to manufacture an ionic salt of Ammine, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, creating a system that carries free cationic Zinc/Copper SOD, Magnesium, Sulfur, and Hydrogen. This natural carrying system can bond with other elements and deliver them to the cell more effectively. AETHEION® can transport free ions by polarity movement through the extracellular space and cellular membranes.

The cationic minerals Zn+2, Cu+2, Mg+2, and S+2 bind to a Nitrogen salt (Ammine) in a ligand bond surrounded by free H+ ions. These charged cations have redox energy of 450 mV and create a donor of power into the metabolic pathways of:

● Reactive oxygen species – Hydrogen as free H+ ions

● Reactive nitrogen species – Nitrogen as Ammonium NH+4

● Reactive sulfur species – Sulfur as Hydrogen Sulfate HSO4.

Using Redox Technology, our products renew and regenerate skin cells by combating oxidative stress at the cellular level. Giving you healthy skin from the inside out.

Oxidative stress is the process of oxidizing molecules in cells, resulting in cell damage. Oxidative stress can be caused by environmental factors, injury, infection, or chemicals. The balance between the production of free radicals and antioxidants appears to influence biological aging.

Oxidative stress can be caused by environmental factors, injury, infection, or chemicals. Oxidative stress occurs when the body cannot neutralize harmful free radicals. Free radicals and other molecules that cause oxidative damage are produced when we eat foods containing fats and carbohydrates. 

The AETHEION® formulations designed with this “one of a kind” technology, our science, create Quintessential Beautification. Our science uses natural forces of energy to produce results. The brand name explains what our products do for you: Powerful Science of AETHEION.

Æ is the “Energy” – The fifth element.

THE is the “Space” between everything.

ION is the “Power of Life” going to all living things.

Powerful Science of AETHEION

The Powerful Science of AETHEION® shows why our products create

“Quintessential Beautification.”

AETHEION® cosmetics

  • Hydration, Luminosity, and Improved Tone
  • Superoxide Radical Clearing
  • Bioavailability and Physiological Support
  • Provide essential vitamins with the quality of the antioxidants at a cellular level.

Experience the soothing touch of AETHEION® on your skin, and discover the difference it can make in your daily skincare routine.

Your skin deserves the best, and with AETHEION®, you can achieve perfection. Visit our store!

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