The Perfect Skincare Routine

January 27, 2022
5 minutes

We have found the perfect skincare routine for any skin type. Allow these three steps to become your daily ritual that fortifies and adds a little self-care to your day-to-day life.

When skin is young, it has a very healthy supply of antioxidant vitamins and minerals. These active substances help your body defend itself against stressors and to heal damages quickly. As you mature, your body experiences more and more stressors. This stress has the potential to deplete your supply of vital antioxidants.

The goal of a skin-care routine is to boost your complexion and target any problem areas you want to work on.

You may not notice instant results, but give it some time, and you will thank yourself for investing in your skin.

Some Handy Skincare Terms


Beyond cleanser and moisturizer, a face serum could be a very useful addition to your skincare routine when applied between your cleansing and moisturizing steps. Never used one before? Typically, serums have highly concentrated formulas that target specific skincare concerns such as wrinkles or dark spots.


A cleanser is the first step to any skincare regimen. Its primary function is to remove dirt, oil, sweat, and debris from your skin. Skin cleansers are typically applied onto a wet or damp face, massaged into the skin for 30 seconds, then rinsed off with lukewarm water.


This term frequently appears on product labels but is not always clearly explained. Basically, if a product claims to be non-comedogenic, it means that it shouldn’t clog pores or trigger acne. All of our products are non-comedogenic so they are perfect for any skin type.

Oxidative Stress & Free Radicals

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body. Free radicals are molecules with an uneven number of electrons. The uneven number allows them to react easily with other molecules.

Free radicals can cause large chain chemical reactions in your body because they react so quickly with other molecules. These reactions are called oxidation and are the main cause of aging.


Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals in your body. These are basically what help to keep oxidative stress in check, creating a harmonious balance. This is why it is crucial to use skincare products that contain antioxidants. You can also get antioxidants from healthy food like fruits and vegetables.

The Perfect Skincare Routine Order

Step 1- Clear & Cleanse

Perfect Skincare Routine,skincare terms

Double Cleansing is the first step to any beauty routine that's meant to cleanse the skin of skin-clogging dirt, oil, and makeup. However, you don't need water to do it!  Instead, use one of our cleansing oils to ensure your skin is free of all impurities like excess sebum, makeup, and dirt.

Serums are the most concentrated products in a skincare regimen. They have highly potent formulas that target specific skincare concerns such as wrinkles or dark spots.  Serums should be applied onto a clean face, gently massaged into the skin for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then left on the skin to absorb while you finish the rest of your skincare routine.

Our ZCM15 Facial Serum is the perfect serum to add to your routine. Apply in the mornings or evenings after washing your face and before applying a cream. It’s non-comedogenic and lightweight, which makes it perfect for any skin type!

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Step 2- Prevent & Protect

After cleansing and toning, always moisturize! Moisturizing is a very important step that many people skip over, even though it's an essential part of a full skincare routine.  This last step is the final layer of skincare that locks in all the nourishing and protective properties onto your skin.  Using a moisturizer with SPF will ensure you're protecting your skin against UV damage!

Perfect Skincare Routine,skincare terms

Any skin type can use a non-comedogenic moisturizer that contains antioxidants and hydrating ingredients. Look for one that will hydrate your skin without feeling oily, sticky, or thick.

Regardless of your age, anti-aging cream is an essential step in your skincare routine.

While it might seem extreme to someone in their twenties to use an anti-aging product, believe it or not, that is when it is beneficial the most. Your skin starts to age around 25 years old, and we recommend that you start the road to prevention early to avoid long-term issues. We highly recommend products that contain vitamin C and E for a defensive skincare step.

It’s never too late to improve the appearance of your skin, but once the damage is done, it is almost impossible to regain that youthfulness.

Our ZC30 Anti Aging Cream is the perfect second step in your routine. It is best used in the mornings to protect and prevent damage. Packed with Vitamin E and our Redox Technology, this antioxidant skin cream helps reverse free radical damage.

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Step 3- Hydrate & Repair

Perfect Skincare Routine,skincare terms

Always complete your skincare routine with a morning moisturizer that contains SPF. Any skin type can use these products because they will not irritate the skin, instead of creating a smooth and even canvas for makeup application.  If you're using an acne treatment product in the morning, look for one that won't dry out your skin.  Essentially, moisturizers should be used to balance the natural oils in your skin.

This is one product that we recommend using year-round, for any skin type, at any age. Your skin naturally loses the ability to retain moisture as we age, so finding a good moisturizer is vital.

We recommend using our ZCM30 Synergistic Lotion in the evenings to repair damage caused by oxidative stress. This formula uses vitamins C, E & K as anti-oxidants and ZCM30 Redox Technology of Zinc, Copper & Magnesium to nourish and repair.

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Additional Steps for a perfect skincare routine


Applying sunscreen is an essential step to protect your skin from sun damage. Look for a product that contains SPF of 30 or higher, blocks both UVA and UVB rays, and also moisturizes the skin.  Sunscreen should be used every day no matter what season because the sun emits harmful UV rays all year long.

Eye Cream

We recommend using an eye cream twice daily because delicate skin around the eyes requires special attention. Use it in the morning before your moisturizer and at night after you wash your face.

Periodically, apply an acne mask to deep-clean your pores. Masks should be used 1-2 times per week for this purpose.  Avoid using masks with harsh ingredients, like benzoyl peroxide; instead, look for natural ones that can help with purifying the skin.

Face Mask

Using a facial mask is another great way to cleanse and nourish your skin. Masks can be used weekly if desired. They should be applied in a thin layer and left on the skin until they dry, then rinsed off with lukewarm water.


Facials are great for clearing pores and balancing the pH levels in the skin. We recommend getting a facial once or twice per month.

If you have sensitive skin, look for a spa that uses natural ingredients and gentle products. We offer a variety of facial options at our spa that can be done with or without extractions.

Do not try to do your own facial at home because it could cause more harm than good if you're using the wrong products. Instead, ask an esthetician for a recommended skincare routine.

By officially adding these few steps to your daily skincare routine, you're sure to see better results! If you'd like more information about how we can help with specific skincare needs, our knowledgeable staff is always available to help.

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