How is the pandemic affecting your skin?

January 14, 2022
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How is the pandemic affecting your skin?

How is the pandemic affecting your skin? It should come as no surprise to us that most of our daily routines might look a little different these days. Times are different, so it’s expected. In order to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe, we have to follow certain regulations that -although they favor our overall health - can sometimes be quite jarring on our skin.

Let’s take for example the mandatory use of face masks. We’ve already known that wearing one can reduce up to 50% of our exposure to certain infectious agents, but what about its impact on our facial skin? I’m sure you must have tried wearing a mask sometimes in these last couple of months. And I’m sure it’s not always been an easy task, especially seeing how annoying they are when worn.

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Some people are allergic to certain fabrics or materials in their masks, which can cause severe irritations. Others might be more susceptible to bacteria and mold, given the fact that the mask doesn’t fit very well on their face. In either case, this can be quite harmful to our facial skin, which was already dealing with reduced hygiene practices and a compromised immune system.

Therefore, it is very important that you give your face a rest from the mask every once in a while. Even if it’s just for an hour or so of walking around your neighborhood without it.

Remember that your skin is the only organ that’s exposed 24/7 to the environment, so it must be taken care of, no matter how bad things might get. After all, pandemics are by definition temporary and eventually subside.

Pandemic skin problems are usually caused by the following factors:

* More exposure to infectious agents

* Increased breathing rate, which can dry out our facial skin

* Less frequent cleansing of our faces, leading to dirt accumulation

* Use of surgical masks, which may lead to skin irritations and allergies

There are ways for you to cleanse your skin and solve your skin problems during pandemics.

Here are some easy but effective tips on how you can protect yourself from infection while also improving your facial skin.

1) Washing hands frequently is the most significant thing you need to do to keep yourself safe from germs that can cause diseases. In addition, this will also help you avoid skin problems, which are often the first signs of an infection.

2) Drinking lots of water is one way to assure that your skin stays hydrated and moisturized. Remember that it’s not only about drinking water; make sure you eat fresh fruits and vegetables as well!

3) Keeping a balanced diet is a great way to keep your skin fresh and glowing, so make sure you start eating healthy today to avoid pandemic acne or other future skin issues.

4) Take care of your facial pores by removing dead cells from their surface regularly. Exfoliate gently at least once a week, and stay away from harsh chemicals that can damage your skin.

5) You have to take a break from wearing your mask every once in a while, so you can let your facial skin breathe and return to its normal state. Make sure it doesn’t get too dry or else you will start experiencing pandemic skin problems.

Pandemic affecting your skin,Pandemic skin problems,Skin problems during pandemic

6) Avoid using any type of chemical-based cleansers on your face. Instead, use warm water to cleanse it and pat dry with a soft towel after every session.

7) It’s best if you can visit a dermatologist that can give you recommendations about facial products like moisturizers and anti-aging products that will help you fight skin concerns during pandemics.

8) Facial masks can sometimes be a good alternative, but they must be made of soft and natural ingredients. Stay away from abrasive scrubs that can damage your facial skin during pandemics.

9) If you suffer from frequent pandemic breakouts, try using a disinfectant wipe on your face several times a day to cleanse dirt and bacteria.

10) If your pandemic is causing you concerns with your eyes, make sure you use a special kind of cleanser for this area and avoid using contact lenses as much as possible.

Pandemic affecting your skin,Pandemic skin problems,Skin problems during pandemic

We hope these tips will come in handy during the next pandemic and help you keep your facial skin looking young, fresh, and clean. If you liked this article, please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family!

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