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August 4, 2022
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ÆTHEION®, the creator of Quintessential Beautification, announces the launch of its newly redesigned, enhanced, and optimized web page. This update provides an improved user experience with faster load times, a mobile-friendly design, and a dark mode for easy and safe browsing during nighttime. With this new site, AETHEION® makes it easier for customers to find the right products for their needs, browse the science, blog, and store information more easily. Also, it has been translated into Spanish for our Spanish-speaking customers, so they can enjoy the AETHEION experience in their own language.

ÆTHEION® wants to ensure that customers have the best possible experience when visiting the website. The changes made were necessary to provide a seamless browsing experience. The new webpage incorporates several easy navigation links. Customers will find informative research, clinical trial results, various product series, and the company's blog. ÆTHEION's blog uploads weekly articles covering multiple topics such as skin care, nutrition, medical conditions, fitness, wellness, and more. 

What are GMP-certified ingredients?

GMP is an acronym for Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP certification assures that the manufacturing process of a product has been carried out in accordance with specific quality standards. This means that the product has been produced under conditions that ensure its safety and efficacy.

ÆTHEION® is committed to providing quality products and services that exceed the needs of its customers. ÆTHEION's products contain high-quality GMP-certified ingredients to ensure safety and efficacy, such as pure minerals, essential vitamins, and natural-origin oils. In addition, ÆTHEION's wide catalog range includes sections for specific self-care. Each formula contains particular ingredients for its known benefits, giving the body what it requires or lacks. 

The Proprietary bio-chemistry for each product makes ÆTHEION® unique and highly effective. Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes that occur within living organisms. The Proprietary blend for AETHEION products is a culmination of years of research in the field and careful selection of only the most potent ingredients to create genuinely unrivaled products.

ÆTHEION® provides Topical Nutritional supplementation, delivering nutrients to all skin types. Topical Nutritional supplementation can improve the appearance of the skin, treat skin conditions, and promote overall skin health. ÆTHEION's skin solutions are based on the latest scientific research and are changing how people think about skincare by providing safe, effective, and clinically proven products. ÆTHEION has proven to increase skin hydration, improve skin tone, restore luminosity, and improve the general firmness sensation.

Quintessential Beautification

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ÆTHEION® has something for everyone. Our cosmetic products create Quintessential Beautification through the equilibrium of free radicals and redox homeostasis. The ÆTHEION® homeostasis technology helps to defend against environmental aggressors while providing essential nutrients to the skin. A one-of-a-kind science that uses the natural forces of energy to produce results. Quintessential Beautification means that the products improve the skin's appearance in a noticeable and lasting way. It works with the skin's natural chemistry, providing what it needs to look and feel its best. 

Quintessential Beautification is more than just looking good; it is about feeling good and having the confidence that comes with knowing you are taking care of yourself in the best way possible. ÆTHEION's Quintessential Beautification gives you the power to take control of your skin's destiny and feel Quintessentially beautiful. 

With this updated page, ÆTHEION® aims to deliver the best possible user experience while providing valuable product information. This new web page is just one of the many ways that ÆTHEION® is working to improve the customer experience. Visit ÆTHEION® today to learn more about how we can help you achieve Quintessential Beautification.

For additional information, don't hesitate to contact us on the AETHEION® contact us page https://aetheion.com/contact-us/

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