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2+Topicals Sprays

2+Topicals® Sprays

2+Topicals Sprays

You need a practical, easy-to-apply, and healthy product to take care of your skin daily. 2+Topicals Sprays are everyday topical products containing mineral cations that support specific functions.

2 Topicals® Nutritional Body Spray nurtures your skin and hair with precision. It contains mineral cations supporting specific functions:

  • Copper promotes collagen and elastin formation.
  • Magnesium provides energy to skin cells.
  • Zinc maintains the overall health of your skin.

2 Topicals® Nutritional Hand Spray in a compact refillable bottle nurtures your hand's skin, body, and hair. Plus, ammonia improves resistance against skin microbes! A pure formula of mineral cations creates the very best mineral supplement; as a result, it takes care of your skin at the cellular level. 

Take care of your skin from head to toe with 2+Topicals Sprays.

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