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Nutritional Multivitamin Series

Nutritional Multivitamin Series

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AETHEION® Multivitamin Series contains vitamins and minerals that absorb through the skin. The result is healthier hair, skin, and nails.

These cruelty-free formulas have natural ingredients like vitamin C or aloe vera, making them gentle on sensitive skin types.

What is the main purpose of the Multivitamin Series?

We know taking care of yourself inside and out is essential to be confident in your appearance every day. That’s why we created this fantastic line of topical multivitamin products just for you! You can have healthier-looking skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails with these formulations.

This Series of products provide the body with essential nutrients for your skin’s needs. It also contains antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage. You deserve healthy hair, skin, and nails! With AETHEION®, you can get them in just minutes a day by applying our specially designed lotions or solutions to your scalp, face, or hands.

We want you to feel confident in your appearance every day! That’s why we’ve created this multivitamin Series that’s made with all-natural ingredients, and it’s safe for daily use.

We formulated this line of products because you need the best care for your hair, skin, and nails.

Which products are included in this Nutritional Multivitamin Series?

AETHEION® ZCM30 Hair Health Solution

Your hair makes you feel confident and beautiful, but it’s hard when it starts to fall out or become brittle. We want to help you with that. It’s possible to have perfect hair, and the secret is to maintain a care routine. Do you want healthy hair?

ZCM30 Hair Health solution contains all-natural ingredients that promote hair growth at the follicle through hair nutrition. This effective hair solution has essential minerals and botanical oils designed to boost your hair health naturally from the root up. Obtain healthy, bright, and hydrated hair with AETHEION®.

AETHEION® ZCM15 Health Lotion

Skin health is something that we all want to take care of. AETHEION® ZCM15 Health Lotion is a daily moisturizer that helps improve your skin’s health and appearance. It contains ionized minerals and high-quality vitamins, which are essential for healthy skin and nails. With just one application each day, you will see the difference!
It provides an easy way to take care of your nails too. Give yourself the gift of beautiful nails with this easy-to-use lotion in just one step. It offers the following benefits for your nails:

  • Nails become more flexible and less prone to breaking or splitting
  • Nail surface becomes smoother, shinier, and more robust.
  • Dryness of skin around the nail bed improves significantly.

This is an excellent product for anyone who wants healthier-looking nails!

AETHEION® Anti Aging Gift Package

The Anti Aging Gift Package is in the Multivitamin Series too!
Take advantage of this limited-time offer on our first edition velvet bag! This exclusive gift package includes everything you need to start having a healthier and younger look today! It’s never too late to take care of yourself.

We made a unique selection of three of our most acclaimed products that specialize in treating aging signs, together in one bundle, inside our limited edition AETHEION® velvet bag. The package includes the ZC30 Anti Aging Cream, the ZCM15 Facial Serum, and the ZCM30 Synergistic Lotion.

Don’t miss the opportunity and get your package today. Just click here.

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