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ÆTHEION® Lotions are the perfect solution for your skin. They contain high-quality ingredients that combine to provide the ultimate cellular rejuvenation while moisturizing and nourishing your skin. 

ÆTHEION® ZCM65 Synergistic Lotion is a skin therapy that nurtures, treats, protects, conditions, and in the same way, significantly moisturizes the skin. It has three presentations to suit your needs and pocket.

ÆTHEION® ZCM30 Synergistic Lotion is an anti-aging night lotion designed in the first place for a daily application using vitamins C, E & K as antioxidants.

ÆTHEION® ZCM22 Ultimate Relief Lotion is our most potent version of relief concentration.

ÆTHEION® ZCM22 Supreme Relief Lotion is our second most robust version of relief concentration.

ÆTHEION® ZCM15 Health Lotion is a multivitamin, topical nutrition that combines ZCM15 Redox Technology using ionized minerals. It is an enriched formulation that promotes skin health naturally.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and notice the changes from the first days of use!

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