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What Your Hair Follicle is NOT Getting is Why Your Hair is NOT There

Our hair is exposed to different factors every day, preventing growth, strength, quality, and overall hair health. These factors include; environmental influences (sun, air pollution, chlorine, salts, etc.), hair styling products (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray or styling products, etc.) or most commonly, biological factors such as stress, skin or metabolic diseases, lack of sleep, mineral deficiency’s, medications, etc. Hair loss, brittle hair, or lacking hair growth are consequences of damaged follicles. That doesn’t mean you have to live with thinning strands and patchy bald spots, though. But what can we do to treat both our hair and follicles when this happens?

When our hair begins to fall out more than usual, we use more and more products to try to make it stop. The thought of making it change by using products sold at hair salons, or in most cases, at the local supermarket are not dealing with the underlying cause. Most hair products are not intended for the hair follicles, and skincare products do not use the proper ingredients and formulations. By using these, we are putting more chemicals and damaging our hair and scalp skin even more.
AETHEION® created ZCM30 Hair Health Solution, designed through a combination of science, chemistry, modes of action, nutrients, antioxidants, blockers, minerals, botanicals, herbs, essential oils and specifically for the hair follicle.

It’s all in the high quality blended formulation:

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AETHEION® Minerals; Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium cations
Aloe vera
Horsetail extract
Lemon Peel essential oil
Rosemary essential oils
Peppermint essential oils
Palmarosa essential oils
Distilled water
Jeethix T
Beta-sitosterol Extract
Mackamine LO
Clary Sage
Sodium Hydroxide
Tinosan SDC

AETHEION® ZCM30 Hair Health Solution prevents brittle hair, hair loss, and promotes hair growth through hair nutrition at the follicle. This follicular revitalizing solution undoubtedly combines ZCM30 Redox Technology and a hair stimulating formulation that naturally supports hair health at the root of the issues, the hair follicle. Prevent hair loss and promote hair growth through hair health by directing nutrition to each hair’s root.