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Avoid unhealthy skin on Halloween!

Unhealthy skin belongs on witches, not you! Avoid unhealthy skin on Halloween.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I don’t mean Christmas. For many, Halloween is number one on their preferred holiday list. But let’s face it, who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s a day where you can dress up as whatever you want without looking ridiculous! And with this tradition, usually, there’s quite a bit of Halloween makeup involved, even for those who don’t regularly wear any.

Whether you’re spending the holiday trick-or-treating at a safe distance, watching a spooky movie marathon with a friend, or just dressing up for yourself for fun, it’s always important you properly remove all this make-up from your skin. And for an event like Halloween when there’s usually way more make-up on our faces compared to a regular day, you’re probably going to need more than a cleanser. So here are some recommendations to follow before bed at the end of your spooktacular night, so that you can wake up to glowing and healthy-looking skin the next morning. Avoid unhealthy skin on Halloween!

Prep time!

Make sure to prep your skin by moisturizing and hydrating before applying your make-up. Your skin will thank you at the end of the night, and long term too!

Take your time and be gentle.

The gentler you are on your face the better, especially around the eyelid areas where we tend to use water-resistant or waterproof mascara. While you go through other nightly routines, like brushing your teeth, apply make-up removed, and let it sit for a while. This will allow the make-up to dissolve a bit, making it easier to wipe off and remove instead of having to scrub your face to succeed. Make sure to add some eye cream at the very end of your routine as well!


Sometimes all you really need to remove less-demanding make-up is a cleanser. Similar to the previous step, apply a cleanser and let it sit for a few minutes to ensure it soaks up all the product on your face, and then remove it with a gentle cotton cloth. This will ensure you don’t cause any irritation on your face, leaving you with radiant, healthy skin.

Try steaming your face before you wash it.

Steam will open up the pores, allowing for the cleanser to do a more effective job by penetrating deeper into your skin. If you don’t have access to a facial steamer, you can fill a bowl with hot water and place your face over it. DIY! Steaming your face also promotes circulation, leaving your skin healthy and glowing!

Give some attention to your hairline before you call to end your routine.

It’s easy to forget a spot that isn’t really part of your face. But it’s important to clean and wipe your hairline: make-up and cleansing products can easily build up and cause breakouts if you don’t take an extra minute or two to wipe away the excess dirt.

Moisturize at the end!

Last but not least: don’t forget to use a moisturizing lotion or serum to finish off your cleansing skin care routine. Adding some lip balm would be favorable also. Removing make-up naturally dries out the skin, so you want to make sure you keep it hydrated so that it looks healthy!

We need to avoid unhealthy skin on Halloween!