Zinc is a nutrient which our body cannot store or produce on its own, referred to as an “essential nutrient.” Some of its most essential processes include helping our immune system fight off viruses and bacteria, producing DNA, and building protein. Zinc is also beneficial for wound healing and is necessary for the body to have a proper sense of taste and smell. Other key processes linked to zinc include:

  • Enzymatic Reactions
  • Proper Growth and Development
  • Gene Expression


  • Wound Healing: 
  • Improves Immune System
  • Acne and Skincare

It plays an essential role in skin care, particularly for those suffering from acne. Acne occurs when the skin’s oil-producing glands are obstructed, leading to inflammation and buildup of bacteria.

Since one of zinc’s benefits is reducing inflammation, it plays a crucial role in doing so when applied topically to acne. People with acne also tend to have lower zinc levels, in which case supplements are also recommended.