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What is stress? It is a normal response to specific situations in the body. When it happens, the brain and nervous system release hormones such as adrenaline (aka epinephrine) that prepare the body for a fight, flight, or freeze reaction.Sometimes these responses are helpful because they help us survive dangerous situations like being chased by a bear! However, when we are constantly bombarded with stressful events daily, our bodies don't have time to recover and go into what's called "fight-or-flight mode," which can lead to health problems such as heart disease.Stress is a constant in today's world, with all of the demands on our time and resources. The pressure to work harder and produce more can lead to health problems, including increased blood pressure, heart disease, and weight gain.Everyone has felt the pressure of stress at one point in their life. It can be a feeling that is difficult to pinpoint and even more challenging to manage. Anxiety comes with many physical, emotional, and psychological side effects.Thankfully there are ways to combat it! Read on for tips about how you can better deal with your stress levels. In these blog posts, we will be exploring some ways you can reduce stress in your life. First, we will go over what causes stress, how it affects your body for the worse, and why it's essential to take steps to relieve stress as soon as possible, finishing up by laying out some practical tips for reducing your stress levels.

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