Beauty is all around us. We can see it in the sunsets and animals that we love so much, but also in our history. History has some of the most beautiful moments, such as when Cleopatra met Marc Anthony for the first time or when Michelangelo unveiled David to rave reviews. These are just a few of many examples where beauty came into play throughout history.

What we find interesting about these moments is that they were made possible by human beings who wanted to create something unique with their lives and make something happen, whether it be an art piece like Michelangelo’s David.

The history of beauty is a vast topic, encompassing everything from how humans have always tried to improve their appearances to the latest and most significant trends. The first time we can see evidence of people making an effort to be more aesthetically pleasing was in Paleolithic times. They used red ochre, a natural pigment found in soil or clay, for decoration around the eyes. For centuries women were trying out new methods and products like kohl (a black powder) which Egyptians believed would protect them from evil spirits and make their eyes look more prominent.

Today’s beauty standards are not much different as many still rely on cosmetics and other enhancements like makeup to achieve desired results. These blog posts will explore some historical beauty topics that are still relevant today.

The History Of Halloween

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October 31st is known in many places around the world as Halloween. Countries around the world celebrate Halloween in some sort of way, from Mexico’s Day of the Dead to…

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