Skincare Routine in Summer - 5 Helpful Tips

December 15, 2021
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Skincare Routine in Summer

In the summer, your skincare routine should be different from in the winter. The order of skincare products you use should be adjusted to account for the higher temperatures and humidity.

skincare routine in summer,Summer Skincare Routine,Skincare Products

Here is a suggested skin care routine for summer:

1. Start by cleansing your face with a gentle face wash.

2. Apply a light moisturizer or sunscreen.

3. If you have dry skin, apply a heavier moisturizer.

4. Finish by applying a lip balm.

5. Repeat this routine twice a day, morning, and evening.

These are just general guidelines; you may need to adjust the order of products depending on your individual skin care needs. Talk to your dermatologist if you have any questions about skincare in the summer.

The key to keeping your skin looking its best in the summer is to be gentle with it. Don't over-cleanse or over-moisturize, and make sure to use sunscreen whenever you're outside. Follow these simple skincare guidelines, and you'll be able to enjoy the sun without worrying about skincare distractions.

Summer Skincare Order

For numerous people, skincare can be a daunting and confusing task. There are so many products and so much information out there; it’s not surprising. To have healthy, nourished, and glowing skin, time and effort must be put into skincare routines. This means researching and choosing the correct products for your skin, being consistent with care, and applying them in the proper order. Yes, there are specific skincare steps for one to follow to get the best results. Do you know how to layer skincare?

Order of Skincare Products: Why Does It Matter?

Whether you're a skincare novice or a veteran, knowing the order of how to properly apply your products is essential. When it comes to skincare, improper application can lead to skin imbalance and damage. Order is not only important when applying multiple products at once, but also if a product is applied mostly in the morning versus at night. So what exactly does the proper application look like? Here are four steps every person should follow:

Step 1: Cleanser

skincare routine in summer,Summer Skincare Routine,Skincare Products

Many cleansers have physical exfoliants such as small particles that aid in sloughing off dead skin cells. Physical exfoliation is imperative because ridding the face of all dead skin cells will allow active ingredients from other products to penetrate deep into your skin, where they can work their magic. If you're using a chemical exfoliant in your cleanser, apply it to wet skin and massage in circular motions for 30 seconds-1 minute before rinsing off.

Step 2: Toner

Toners are often overlooked, but they're essential in restoring the skin's pH balance and removing any remaining traces of dirt, oil, and makeup. When choosing a toner, avoid those with high levels of alcohol, as these can be quite harsh on the skin. Look for toners containing ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid instead, as they'll help nourish and hydrate the skin.

Step 3: Serum

Serums are formulated to treat specific skin issues, such as acne or fine lines. For maximum results, it's important that serums are applied after toner, so the active ingredients can be optimally absorbed into the skin.

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Step 4: Moisturizer

By this point, your skin should be well-prepped and ready for moisturizer. The main goal of moisturizers is to seal in all the hydration you've given your face up until now. Now that you're using products meant for daytime use, you'll want something with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) unless you plan on wearing sunscreen underneath.

Products applied in the morning should always have a higher SPF than those used at night.

Dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin all require different ingredients and amounts. However, it’s essential to know how to layer skincare products and in what order to use them. Incorrectly applying moisturizers before serums will have a different effect than if they were to be applied correctly. 

Routines should change just like the seasons do. Everyone should update their products and application order every time there’s a change of season. This is mainly because many of the ingredients in our products work better at certain temperatures and humidity levels.

Summer Skincare Routine

Each product and ingredient will vary depending on the person’s skin type. Still, the order of application mostly remains the same.

  • Cleanser (Day/Night): It’s always necessary to wash our face in the morning, regardless of whether we washed it the night before. Doing this in the morning wakes up your skin and preps it for smoother product application. For nighttime, make sure you cleanse a second time. Make-up remover and facial wipes do not count as cleansing.
  • Toner (Day/Night): Needed for priming our skin for the subsequent ingredients to be absorbed properly. 
  • Serum (Day/Night): A lighter, vitamin C-packed serum for the mornings is a helpful way to protect our skin from grime and pollution throughout the days’ activities. During the nighttime, heavier serums with hyaluronic acid are encouraged.
  • Eye Cream (Day/Night): A good thing to look out for with morning eye creams is roller ball applicators, which help reduce puffiness and swelling. For nighttime, use deeper hydrating eye creams.
  • Moisturizer: Yes, we still always need to moisturize. This is a step many people forget or ignore altogether. Opt for a lightweight moisturizer that will hydrate your skin without weighing it down. 
  • Retinol (Nighttime Only): If used correctly, retinol helps fade dark spots, smooth scars and brighten the skin. 
  • Facial Oil (Day/Night): Layered on top of a moisturizer and serum, facial oils aid and lock in hydration products for them to work correctly.
  • Sunscreen (Day Only): Never skip this step! Sunscreen is essential anytime our skin is exposed to the sun. This includes a short walk to the corner store or a full-on beach day under the sun. 

ÆTHEION® Travel Kit:

Our new Skincare Kit comes with everything needed to enjoy long days in the sun. It’s a perfect kit to use for traveling or simply as your everyday go-to summer skincare routine.

skincare routine in summer,Summer Skincare Routine,Skincare Products
  • ZC30 Anti Aging Cream: This cream stops damage caused to our skin during the day. Apply it in the mornings before heading out for the days’ activities. 
  • ZCM15 Health Lotion: This lotion keeps your skin hydrated, nourished, and moisturized day and night.
  • ZC5 After Sun: As the name suggests, perfect for applying after long days in the sun to help reduce free radical damage.
  • ZCM30 Mineral Gel: Helps reduce inflammation and soothe muscle discomfort. Also contains menthol to provide that extra freshness.
  • ZCM30 Hair Health: Strengthens and moisturizes hair from the root. Perfect for the summer, since our hair tends to get more damaged due to the pool water, beach, and exposure to the sun.

Tell us in the comments how you layer your skincare products!

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