Skin Technology

Skin Technology

AETHEION® skin technology is a breakthrough in skincare that will change the way you look and live. But, unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know what they are putting on their skin, and this is something that they should address.

We want to show you the technology of our cosmetics to decide what products are suitable for your skin type. That’s why we have created this blog category.

We offer an extensive range of products. From moisturizing serums and moisturizers to eye creams and lotions. Whatever your skin type or concern, we have the perfect product for you!

Redox Technology

AETHEION® has your back when it comes to the microcirculatory environment.  It’s a revolutionary science that provides ions to create an optimized balance at the cellular level. In addition, positively charged cations offer you a redox signal which will help reduce free radicals and oxidative stress.

We have a patented formula for your specific needs. We are sure you’ll get the results you want from our products. Look your best with our new line of skincare products! We have a variety of series explicitly formulated for each of your skin concerns.

Product Series

Our professional series of products are designed for the individual, care provider, spa, or other practitioners to provide relief for various skin conditions. 

With AETHEION® Soothing Sports Series, you can get relief from inflammation and pain caused by sports injuries, sunburns, and other conditions. It also helps with everyday aches and pains like headaches, muscle soreness, and more.

Our Preventive AntiAging Series is formulated for facial areas. This complete skincare routine will moisturize your skin, keeping a long-lasting younger look. 

Multivitamin Series contains vitamins and minerals absorbed through your skin, so it doesn’t need to take them orally. The result is healthier hair, skin, and nails. 

AniViva Protective Pets Series contains zinc-copper-magnesium-based skin conditioners and moisturizers for pets of all types. It promotes animal health by providing essential nutrients topically that are often deficient in their diets.

2+ Topicals® is a broad daily spectrum of essential nutrients for the skin. These topical supplements combine minerals, synergistic vitamins, plant-based essential oils, antioxidants, deep hydration, and redox technology in an enriched formulation that naturally promotes skincare.

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