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Rice Powder For Beautiful Skin

Rice powder for beautiful skin

Rice Powder For Beautiful Skin!

Some of the best foods on the planet contain rice. But if you’ve been using it only for cooking, you’ve been missing out on one of the best ingredients for skincare! It’s also great for your hair and has anti-aging properties.
Once you learn the benefits rice powder has on your skin, you’ll want to use it every day. Rice powder contains a hearty amount of vitamins that help your skin look healthy, glowing, and youthful. It also helps absorb any excess oil on your face and can be used to soothe sunburns. Sun-protecting agents like ferulic acid and allantoin act as natural sunscreen. Rice is also known to slow hyperpigmentation allowing your skin to look a more even color and eliminate aging blemishes. Here are a few more things rice powder can do for your skin:

Goodbye, Baggy Eyes!

If you suffer from off-putting dark circles under your eyes, rice powder can help. As mentioned above, rice slows hyperpigmentation and clears the skin from dark areas. It also works as a cooling agent to soothe tired, inflamed eyes.

Use Rice Powder to Exfoliate

The slightly coarse texture of rice powder will act as a mild exfoliator for your skin and use it as a scrub. It will help rid your face of dead cells and make it look healthy and youthful, thanks to its anti-aging properties.

Get Rid of Those Nasty Pimples!

Rice powder contains phytic acid, which has exfoliating effects. It will help unclog and clear your pores, getting rid of those pesky pimples and blemishes.

DIY Rice Powder Recipe

The best part about using rice powder in your skincare routine is that you can prepare it yourself very efficiently! Here is how to make it at home:

  1. Wash a cup of rice thoroughly and proceed to soak it for approximately 3 hours.
  2. Drain water and spread rice onto a cotton or paper towel to absorb excess moisture. Let the rice dry.
  3. Once completely dry, place rice into a dry blender and blend thoroughly.
  4. Using a fine sieve, sift the blended rice and re-blend any large chunks. Continue this process until the powder is completely fine.
  5. Dry the powder longer to prevent it from spoiling in just a few days.

Now that you have rice powder, you can use it to make any DIY skincare recipes! Here are three examples to solve issues like the ones mentioned above:

  • For baggy eyes or dark circles, combine banana, castor oil, and rice powder to form a paste and apply under your eyes. As mentioned above, this will help lighten your skin’s pigmentation and also help soothe tired and puffy eyes.
  • For clearing acne, mix a teaspoon of powder with cucumber and lemon juice. Apply the paste onto your face as a mask and wash it off once it has dried.
  • For exfoliating, combine 1/2 cup rice powder with 1/4 cup of sugar and four tablespoons of honey. Scrub onto skin thoroughly to remove dead cells and unclog pores.

These tips, plus a correct skincare routine, will leave your skin beautiful and radiant!