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AniViva Animal Serum

AniViva® Skin Conditioner and Moisturizer for Pets

AniViva Pet Series

AniViva® Animal Serum is the first product of its kind. Designed for animal use only. It’s an easy-to-use, concentrated serum spray for all types of animals that conditions and moisturizes your pet’s skin.

The formula is specially formulated with Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium to promote healthy skin in animals. 

Just like humans, pets, and all animals can have allergies, environmental factors like heat or cold weather can cause skin sensitivity. As a result, this can cause itching that creates dry, flaky skin, hot spots, and a dull coat. AniViva® Animal Serum helps maintain your pet’s skin and coat health throughout the summer and all year. The condition of your pet’s coat is a good indicator of overall health.

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