Skin and Hair Conditioner for Pets

Pet Hair Conditioner

Your pets deserve the best care possible! That’s why we created this skin and hair conditioner for pets. We know how much you love them and want them to feel their best at all times. With AniViva® Gel, they will look better than ever before. Plus, it smells great too, you won’t regret buying this product for your pets today!

AniViva® Gel is a cosmetic hair and skin conditioner for pets that is primarily used for heat rash, shiny fur, fur health, pet beauty, and pet health. A Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium concentrated gel.

Just like humans, pets and all animals can have allergies, environmental factors, heat rash, and even bug bites that can cause skin sensitivity. This can cause itching that creates dry, flaky skin, hot spots, and/or a dull coat.

AniViva® helps in maintaining your pet’s skin and coat health throughout the summer and all year long. The condition of your pet’s coat is a good indicator of overall health.