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Protective Pets Series

Protective Pets Series

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AniViva Protective Pets Series are concentrated, zinc-copper-magnesium-based skin conditioners and moisturizers for pets of all types. It promotes animal health by providing essential nutrients topically, that are often deficient in their diets.  It is safe to use on cats, dogs, horses, and all other animals!

For veterinary use only. You want your pet to be healthy and happy so they can enjoy life with you longer. That’s why we created this line of products. Your pet merits the major care possible from head to tail!

Have you ever wanted to make your pet's skin and coat look their best? You can now give your pet the same care as you would yourself with this product! With just one application of AniViva®, it will be easier than ever to keep your pet looking great and feeling healthy!

Your pet deserves the best.

AniViva is a line of products to offer both skin and coat treatments in one. It’s designed to be used on all types of pets, from dogs and cats to horses, rabbits, and more. Our formulas are made with natural ingredients that work together to promote healthy skin while also enhancing your pet's beauty.

You need the best for your family of pets, so why not give them it? With AniViva there’s no need to choose between health or beauty because our products do it both! And they come in a variety of formulations including gels and serums. So whether you have a dog with dry skin or a horse with a dull coat, we’ve got you covered.

Which products are included in the Protective Pets Series?

AniViva® Animal Serum

AniViva® Animal Health Serum is a topical spray that can help maintain your pet’s skin health. It contains Zinc-Copper-Magnesium which is essential for animal skin and coat wellness. This product helps promote animal healthcare by maintaining their skin condition. You want the best for your pets, so why not try this amazing serum?

Pets and all animals can have allergies, heat rash, and even bug bites. This product helps in maintaining your pet's skin while also promoting their overall health. It’s a great solution to keep them feeling great! It comes in two different sizes, so there’s an AniViva® Serum for everyone.

AniViva® Animal Gel

Your pet deserves outstanding care. And that starts with a healthy coat and skin. AniViva® Animal Gel is an all-natural, environmentally friendly product for pets of all shapes and sizes. It’s made from Zinc – Copper – Magnesium, so it’s safe to use on any animal in your home. Plus, it smells great!

AniViva® Animal Gel is an oil and alcohol-free gel that can be used for many different purposes. It’s perfect for pets with heat rash, dull coat, or fur health issues. It also helps to make your pet look beautiful! It’s made with ingredients that are safe for pets of any age or size. And it comes in two different sizes, so there’s an AniViva® Animal Gel for everyone.

Give your furry friend the gift of health by giving them a bottle of AniViva® Animal Gel today! They deserve it, just click here!

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