2+ Topicals® Sprays

topical skin spray

Have you been looking for a topical skin spray to help maintain your skin health?

2+ Topicals® Sprays are a daily use topical skin products that contain mineral cations that support specific functions.

2+ Topicals® Nutritional Body Spray in a 4 oz (118 ml) bottle. Nurture your skin and hair with precision. A daily body spray containing mineral cations supporting specific functions. Copper to promote collagen and elastin formation, magnesium to provide energy to skin cells, and zinc to maintain the overall health of your skin.

2+ Topicals® Nutritional Hand Spray in a 0.34 oz (10 ml) compact refillable bottle. Nurture your hand’s skin, body, and hair. Plus, ammonia to improve resistance against skin microbes! The very best mineral supplement is created by a pure formula of mineral cations, as a result, it takes care of your skin at the cellular level.

2+ Topicals® Sinus Spray is a drug-free rinse for clearing dust, pollen, and other airborne environmental irritants that cause damaged nasal pathways. Strengthen your very first line of nasal defense with a unique technology of cations using minerals of Zinc – Copper – Magnesium – Sulfur – Hydrogen, and Ammonium salts (Urea and Amino acids).

In conclusion, give yourself a gift this year by taking care of your skin from head to toe with our line of products.

We promise it’ll make all the difference!