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Your pet can improve your health.

Pets can improve your health

Pets Can Improve Your Health!

You come home after a hard, exhausting day, and the first thing you see is your dog running towards your, wagging their tail because of how excited they are to see you! It almost instantly makes us feel better. Nowadays it’s rare to find people who don’t own any pets. They bring joy, playfulness, and love to anyone and any household, most of the time. This is because our pets act as mood boosters!

Ever had your cat sit on your lap and start purring when they know you’re sad, or when you’ve been crying? Cat purring is actually even said to have healing properties! And I can guarantee your pet has been helping improve your overall health and mood during hard times like this pandemic, when many of us may feel scared or lonely.

Research has shown that owning a pet and creating that special bond with them actually decreases stress and other emotions, promoting and encouraging positive behavior that leads to our overall good health, including the health of our skin. But just how beneficial are our furry little (or big!) friends?

Playing with your pet helps boost your mood!

When you’re feeling down, or in a bad mood, take the time to grab a stick or some kind of toy and play around with your pet! They will love spending time with you, and this activity has been shown to elevate the levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax you.

Pets can help you become more active

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you probably know that most breeds require daily walks and a lot of movement. You should take advantage of this and make morning, afternoon or evening runs a priority with your pet! It’ll help both of you stay active and healthy. And this in turn leads to a better, happier mood.

Pets don’t have to be high maintenance or take up a lot of space!

Watching fish swim in their tanks is known to reduce stress and anxiety, and calm your heart rate. Rabbits are a good alternative for people who suffer from allergies to cats and dogs, and they are just a good to the pet of snuggle.

They can decrease your feeling of loneliness

Whether you’re stuck at home most of the day because of the safety protocols where you live, working from home…or just haven’t interacted with people much, pets can help you relieve feeling lonely or far from other people. After all, they need a lot of care and attention as well so it’s hard to feel like you’re lonely when your dog is nagging at you for food! In all seriousness though, if you give your pets love and attention they will return it tenfold.

Take care of your pet just like they take care of you!

Just like us, our pets have their own emotions, sensitivities, allergies, and specific care needs. Make sure to always stay attentive to their needs and choose the right products when it comes to activities like baths and medical care.

Love your pets as they love you!