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Most common misconceptions about skincare

Most common misconceptions about skincare!

We’d like to share some of the most common misconceptions about skincare that you can find on the internet to help you avoid them.

Don’t trust everything you see on the internet about skincare! Do you ever recall a time when you felt a little bit “off” and decided to look up your symptoms on Google… only to find out that apparently, you’re dying? Although the internet can be resourceful and informative in so many ways, it can also be very misleading. Sometimes you might end up completely questioning whether what you see on it is true or not.

So when you’re looking for helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy skincare routine, the internet isn’t always the best place to look. It’s always important you consult with a skin care professional to help determine what routine will work for you to make your skin always look healthy and glowing.

Having said that, here are a few common misconceptions about skincare:

Eating sweets, oily food, or food high in fat causes oily skin or acne

This is probably one of the most common skincare myths out there. How many times have you avoided eating that piece of chocolate because you thought it was going to make your face break out? The self-produced oil on your skin and on your scalp called sebum is what can potentially cause the pimples on your face. Too much sebum can form hardened plugs that lead to acne, whereas too little of it can cause dry, flaky skin.

Exfoliating on a daily basis is beneficial for your skin

Exfoliating your skin is an important step to making it look healthy and happy, but doing it every day can cause more harm than good to your skin. It can strip the skin of its natural oils like sebum which in response causes the body to produce more sebum. This ultimately can lead to even oilier looking skin! Limit exfoliating to twice a week and your skin will thank you!

Wearing make-up consistently will make you age faster

This is another common skincare myth debunked. As long as you’re fully and properly removing your makeup before going to bed and following a nightly skincare routine, you’re safe. If you don’t remove your makeup or cleanse your skin with the proper products, the toxins and dirt left on your face accumulated throughout the day will affect you negatively. Just make sure your skin gets the care and love it needs before calling it a night.

There’s no need to add a moisturizer to your daily skincare routine if you have oily skin

If you have oily skin, you may be under the notion that you don’t need to add moisturizers because it will only make your skin oilier. This isn’t true. If you’re cleansing your skin you’re still stripping away its natural sebum. As we discussed prior, this can cause more sebum to be produced resulting in oilier skin. You need a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and happy no matter what kind you have. Oily skin will mostly benefit from lightweight moisturizers like serums.