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Mineral Nutrition And Athletic Performance

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Mineral nutrition can be in danger due to prolonged strenuous exercise that can make changes in copper, magnesium, and zinc metabolism.

Evidence of these changes can persist for several days after the exercise is finished. Some of the changes in plasma mineral concentrations may be attributed to an acute-phase response.

This occurs as a result of tissue trauma or stress.

Reductions in plasma mineral concentrations may also in part reflect an increased loss of these minerals from the body via urine and sweat.

The mineral loss that occurs in sweat with exercise is amplified by the simultaneous exposure to hot temperatures.

Given the above observations, the following emerge:

Do endurance-associated changes in mineral metabolism result in some or all of the following?

  • A compromised endurance capacity.
  • A weak immune defense system.
  • A lower antioxidant defense system.
  • A slower rate of recovery from injury.

It is necessary to make additional work on the influence of prolonged exposure to strenuous exercise and heat. The influence of diet on those changes or dietary manipulations may attenuate some of the negative consequences of these changes. Mineral nutrition is vital to overall health.

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