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Want a Healthy Life? Laugh

Nowadays, trying to keep up with all the recommended habits to live a healthy life is getting pretty hard.

It’s not all about being serious though, it is equally important to have an active social life. Studies found that women with breast cancer who felt socially isolated were more likely to die from the disease than those with closer ties. Also, investing in yourself can increase feelings of health and wellness, which in turn improves your mood, appearance, and perspective. Ever heard laughing is great medicine? Well, it is. “The effects of laughter and exercise are very similar”, says psychologist and laugh therapist Steve Wilson. “Adding laughter to familiar movements, such as waving your arms, activates just about every human physiologic system, similar to traditional exercise”. It also burns calories, increases positive endorphins (natural painkillers), reduces stress, and strengthens your immune system. Make a habit of laughing every few hours, it could be as healthy as eating an apple a day. Eating healthy and exercising doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds. Try reducing unhealthy ingredients at dinner time, or substituting dinner rolls for salads. Moderation is key, so you can keep enjoying the foods you like. Dragging your girlfriends or family to exercise together can make it more enjoyable and will increase your desire to practice this habit more. Just remember to invest a little time in yourself and enjoy a good laugh!