Cosméticos AETHEION®

  • La vida inició en las rocas

    Nuestra piel necesita minerales esenciales para su crecimiento, protección y embellecimiento.

  • Ciencia única en su género

    Ciencia probada, formulada con ingredientes excepcionales, sobre una variedad de usos.

    Cómo usar ÆTHEION®
  • Cosméticos con respaldo científico

    Combinamos la sabiduría de la naturaleza con la nueva ciencia para ofrecerle mejores cosméticos.


The ÆTHEION® Story


ÆTHEION® es la marca que representa una tecnología patentada de formulaciones que utilizan un sistema de ligandos acuosos para suministrar cationes altamente biodisponibles de Zinc, Cobre, Magnesio, Amina, Azufre e Hidrógeno.

Redox es la cantidad de "energía" de las Reacciones de Oxidación-Reducción en la polaridad ionizada de una sustancia en una solución. ÆTHEION® ofrece esta "Tecnología Redox" en todas sus formulaciones.
Los términos “ZC” o “ZCM” e refieren a Zinc Catiónico, Cobre o Magnesio, la base de la tecnología redox patentada ÆTHEION®.

Cuanto más altos sean los números "ZC5 a ZCM65", mayor será la potencia de la tecnología redox de ÆTHEION® presente en cada producto, aumentando así su concentración de potencial redox.

Serie de productos

Sabemos lo difícil que es encontrar el producto perfecto cuando hay tantas opciones.


Dr. Blackley, Ph.D.

“The AETHEION products are amazing, I have used then for years and see them providing benefits daily.”

Dr. Kollin, NMD.

“I love what the cream has done for my skin, I use it daily in my practice too.”

Dr. Hurt, Ph.D.

“I have seen some incredible results with all of the AETHEION formulations”

Dr. Richardson, Ph.D.

“My favorite is the nutritional lotion, it is like a salad for the skin.”

Patricia Baker

"AETHEION, in my opinion, is on the leading edge with their formulations. I’ve been using it for months and it has rejuvenated my skin."


“I absolutely love your products. They are certainly awesome! I have been searching for a product that works on my skin for almost two years. Thank goodness I found your products! The fact that it is all-natural is what made me purchase and try your products.”


"Great brand, all natural products and cruelty free! The science behind it is amazing. A must try if you want to improve your skin! Keep up the excellent work Aetheion."

Yudha Desprado

"It’s natural and 100% safe, I would highly recommend your products to my friends and colleagues."

Dr. Zsolt, PhD.

"I have studied the creams for years, my findings are truly amazing! It is so amazing to find a cream that keeps me feeling young and my skin protected."

Jane Marie

"I distribute Aetheion products in my med spa and in my practice, for years they continue to reorder."


"I have used the ZC 50 cream for prevention for over 5 years, almost every day, applying everywhere."


“Our non-profit provides several of the Aetheion formulations for charitable purposes. We cannot thank you for your help with this product. Our customers give us many compliments.”

Erica Curry

“I love the anti-aging cream. It tightened but softened my skin and removed my wrinkles! I love this cream. It definitely reduces lines and rejuvenates your skin! I get tons of compliments on my skin!”

Dr. Jake, MD.

“I cannot thank you enough for the information on your products. I have dealt with skin issues for many years, and your products have helped my skin become smoother and clearer. I have been using it in my practice for years and continue to recommend it to all my patients.”
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