Principal Investigator: Dra. Susana Tera Ponce
Quality Assurance: Q.F.B. Beatriz Armendáriz Guillén
Head of Statistics: Q.A. Oscar Héctor Mercado Servín
Sanitary Responsible: Dr. Efrén Alejandro Alonso Castro

Background: AETHEION® represents a unique science that is the foundation of our cosmetic system. Each formulation varies in use, purpose, and concentration. All products include premium quality ingredients that provide positive, beneficial results to the skin. After years of research and development, it was essential to conduct a clinical trial to prove the efficacy of just two of the ten formulations.

Objective: Evaluate 2+ Topicals® Nutritional Lotion’s quality and efficacy on general body skin areas and AETHEION® Anti-Aging Cream on the face and neck area. The areas of evaluation consisted of these areas, each subject did not have all forms of skin issues to evaluate each and everyone per subject.
Wrinkles, Deep grooves, Hyperpigmentation, Density decrease, Dehydration, Brightness, Flaccidity, Tone, Firmness, Pallor, Yellowish coloration, Stains, Open pores, Black spots, Acne, Sebaceous hyperplasia, Solar lentigines (skin spots), Telangiectasias (small dilated blood vessels), Fibrosis (excess tissue), Others.

Method: A study group of ten male and ten female subjects after a daily application for 14 days. A clinician evaluated each before and after the study, with each user completing a daily report. After that, each subject completed a quality and satisfaction survey applied to each evaluation. All data was collected and statistically analyzed on performance over multiple skin evaluations.

Results: The results of the study support that the use of AETHEION® ZC30 Anti-Aging Cream and 2+ Topicals Nutritional Lotion has outstanding beneficial effects on the skin of the face and body. Besides, users expressed favorable comments for the quality characteristics of the products, so the response to the use of each product is excellent.

Conclusions: Both products perform outstandingly for the characteristics of Dehydration, Brightening, Tone, and Firmness. The evaluation found that 7 out of 10 users had a change in their face and body skin to typical skin type. The quality questionnaire favorably rates the product characteristics and indications for use, predominantly from good to very good.

Cosmetic Satisfaction Survey


Clinical Trial