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AETHEION® Sport Series Minerals Make Muscles

It’s always been hard finding skin care products that suit your lifestyle. Whether it’s in the sun, going for a morning jog, or an intense workout in the gym. We need skin and body treatments for indoor and outdoor activities, different formulas for different purposes. The skin gets the least amount of care but is the first seen and then touched. It has become a forgotten part of the body in the busy environment of life. Skin care products must be for both before and after use, preventing and treating issues within the skin, muscles, and everything else. Most athletes (90%) prefer topical applications over taking medication for pain, swelling, or oxidative stress.

AETHEION® is a complete line of essential skincare products for an energetic lifestyle. The AETHEION®’s Sports Series is designed with Redox Technology, meaning science that gives results. We created three different products within the AETHEION® cosmetic line that help the sports enthusiast. All these formulations specialize in mineral intake, oxidative stress reduction, and stimulus relief.

AETHEION® ZCM30 Mineral Gel a post-exercise topical that combines cationic minerals such as Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium in our Redox Technology formula. Reach your goals with our Mineral Gel! Run, push yourself, and keep going while using the Mineral Gel that takes care of your muscles. Minerals are hands down the most crucial skincare essentials that need to be used year-round by the active individual to reduce oxidative stress.

Studies Show minerals increase endurance, build tissue, and complement the benefits of exercise. Zinc is involved in hundreds of protein actions and is active in immune function. Copper creates cell signaling in tissue growth, collagen production, and required in the healing process. Magnesium provides ATP “energy” to the cell. Minerals Make Muscles. Give your post-workout body what it needs, and renew your muscles’ health, an essential gel that revitalizes your body.

AETHEION® ZCM 22 Supreme Relief Lotion for post-muscle strain. Our second most potent version of relief concentration combined with our Redox Technology (200 mV & 740 μM ORAC) created by highest-quality minerals in cationic bonding’s natural power, delivering a deeper penetration. This formulation incorporates several stimuli reductions created by well-known high-quality ingredients; please study the components.

AETHEION® ZC5 After Sun – post-sun & shower for your skin and hair. We can find hundreds of sunscreen brands to treat our skin during our time in the sun; however, what happens once we are out of the sun? We need to use after sun skin treatment to nourish and moisturize our skin. AETHEION®’s ZC5 After Sun uses our proprietary Redox Technology to reduce free radicals and quickly moisturize skin with excessive sun exposure to our skin and hair.

It reduces sun damage, sunburn, and free radical damage while increasing browning. You cannot undo the damage caused by excessive sun exposure, but you can lessen its effect by using a quality after sun skin and hair treatment. When in the sun a lot, we recommend using it daily on the face and hair.

AETHEION® products are designed through real-world testing and expert advice, providing the best skin care treatment system. Get AETHEION® products to give you the best every day.

Give your body some help with the AETHEION® Sports Series and supply your skincare and body’s essential needs.

Working Out? Why do we Exercise?
~ Lose Weight
~ Reduce Fat
~ Get Stronger
~ Become Faster
Studies show minerals make muscles, increase endurance, build tissue, and complement the benefits of exercise.

AETHEION Sports Series skin care products that suit your lifestyle. Minerals make muscles, increase endurance, build tissue, and much more.