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Add your Neck to Your Skin-care Routine

Having a skin-care routine can be hard at times. It means doing research on products, investing in them, testing them to make sure they’re suitable for your skin, etc. The benefits are fantastic, though, so a skin-care routine is always worth it… but it can be tedious at times. Now I’m about to tell you that you’re most likely missing one vital part of this skin-care routine: your neck.

Your neck has a lot going on at times, as both men and women tend to wear jewelry, scarves, and other items around them. Not only that, but the skin on our neck is fragile, making it susceptible and more prone to damage and aging. The human neck area also contains fewer sebaceous glands (responsible for producing natural oils found on our scalp, face, and neck), causing less oil production. Dryness happens to be one of the leading causes of wrinkles and lines, which is why people see the earliest signs of aging around the neck and chest area. 

Another way of looking at reasons why to incorporate the neck into a skin-care routine is because, eventually, the progress people see on their face will make their neck stand out. Especially if there are two different skin tones. Having a neck skin-care routine and giving it an equal amount of attention as one’s face will leave a healthy, even-toned complexion.

How To Add Your Neck to Your Skin-care Routine 

It might sound tiresome having to add another step to your skin-care routine. But having a neck skin-care routine isn’t much different from what a regular facial one would look like. Cleansing and exfoliating, are always two of the most essential steps for removing bacteria, dirt, and buildup from the day’s activities. After that, it’s perfectly safe to use the same products you use on your face, such as toners, serums, and moisturizers, in the same order.

What Are The Most Important Products for Your Neck?

Although your neck will profit from a complete skin-care routine, the most beneficial products you might want to look out for are moisturizers and SPF (Sun Protection Factor.) Moisturizers are essential because, as mentioned previously, the skin on our neck is dryer than our face by nature. Creams that focus on hydrating are the best option (like our ZC30 Anti-Aging Cream). SPF is crucial since our neck is also frequently exposed to the sun. Sunscreen has always been important, but adding it to your neck skin-care routine is beyond essential.

Should You Use Different Products for Your Neck?

As discussed above, it isn’t entirely necessary to have various different products for your face and neck. However, certain circumstances might make having two separate routines more beneficial. In cases such as oily facial skin, it might be prudent to purchase two individual products to not cause more dryness in the neck area, which is already naturally dry. It might also be wise to consider that the skin around the neck can be more sensitive, so ingredients that might not be irritating to your face might cause more damage to your neck. 

You might have a perfectly organized skincare routine for your face, but are you overlooking your neck?