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20 Beauty Hacks – That Actually Work

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of beauty hacks out there, just lurking around on the Internet. Some of them work, while others are, to be perfectly honest, a bit of a fraud!

Some of the beauty ‘hacks‘ circulating the web really just involves using your common sense, but some can also be extremely bizarre. This week we cover the top 20 beauty hacks, that actually work!

1.-  Have frizzy flyways? Use a dryer sheet!

Any ordinary dryer sheet will do the trick, simply rub it through your hair, taming those crazy stubborn baby hairs!

20 Beauty Hacks - That Actually Work

2.- Use strawberries to whiten your teeth

Cut a strawberry in half and rub it on your teeth before brushing to remove stubborn stains. You can take this a step further and add a pinch of baking soda to the end of the strawberry before using it. Easy beauty hack!

3.- Heat up your eyeliner

This only works with a pencil liner, but if you heat up the end for 30 seconds, either with a lighter or running it under hot water, the tip with softening, making it apply like a dream!

 4.- Soften that hair with coconut oil hair mask

Probably our favorite all-natural beauty product, coconut oil has so many uses. It’s a little miracle in a jar!

5.- Woke up with a monster zit?

Treat it naturally by applying 100% Greek yogurt to it. The probiotics have natural bacteria-fighting properties. A handy beauty hack!

20 Beauty Hacks - That Actually Work

6.- Make any lipstick matte with loose powder

Apply your lipstick, place a tissue over your lips, then brush over it lightly with translucent powder—the powder will seep through the tissue and mattify your lip color.

7.- Use a white eyeliner to really make your eyes pop

Or hide how tired you are from a long week, it’s okay, it will be our little secret.

8.- Slippery bobby pins?

Spray them with hairspray before pinning them into place.

9.- Shattered eye-shadow is the worst!

Don’t throw it out, just add a little rubbing alcohol and mix it into a smooth paste. Pat it down and let it sit overnight. Your powder will be as good as new!

20 Beauty Hacks - That Actually Work

10.- Coat lashes with baby powder between applications

This will create a thick base layer. The mascara will coat your lashes easier and give them a fuller look.

11.- Greasy roots?

Sprinkle some baby powder into the greasy parts to soak up and clear excess shine, then run your fingers through your hair, spreading the power throughout your hair. This beauty hack works like a charm!

12.- De-puff those peepers

Steep two tea bags and place them over your eyes for a brightening pick-me-up. The caffeine in tea bags will help increase circulation and depuff instantly.

13.- Dried out mascara? 

Want to make your flaky, clumpy mascara last longer? Mix a little contact solution or makeup remover in, it will revive the leftover mascara.

20 Beauty Hacks - That Actually Work

14.- Dry or cracked heels are the worst!

Apply moisturizer or Vaseline to your tired feet, and then throw on some comfy, cushioned socks before bed. You will wake up with soft, smooth feet. Soften your feet with this beauty hack!

15.- DIY Leave-in conditioner

Combine your hair conditioner with water in a ratio of 1:1 in a spray bottle. Spray into your hair for an easy homemade leave-in treatment.

16.- Honey mask

Apply 100% natural organic honey to your face for a skin boost. The antibacterial properties will clear up and blemishes and your face will be left soft and smelling sweet.

17.- Bad breath? Try Oil Pulling!

Using a tablespoon of pure organic coconut oil, put it in your mouth and swish around for 15-20 minutes. Coconut oil is so effective for killing bacteria and thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums. Be warned, it will create an interesting paste-like effect.

20 Beauty Hacks - That Actually Work

18.- Naturally, lighten your hair

Try lemon as a natural tone lightener instead of harsh chemicals. Hours before you hit the shower, squeeze out a generous amount of lemon juice into your hair. Over time, this will lighten your hair gradually, but safely and naturally. Do this twice a week every week but be careful you don’t have any cuts or an over sensitive scalp, a test is recommended. Shiny beauty hack for your hair!

19.- Out of shaving cream? Use conditioner!

The conditioner will not only coat the legs smoothly but also will soften the skin and hair on your legs, making them easier to shave and leaving you feeling super smooth!

20.- Store those luxurious anti-aging creams or serums in the fridge 

Not only do they provide a refreshing feeling, but the cooling effect will shrink your pores and reduce any redness.

Hopefully, you learned some useful tricks and tips from this post. While there are many beauty remedies you can create at home, not all are created equal.

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